New Arrivals

Ethiopia Harrar Grade 1 Natural
Arrived May 2015, new crop, in grainpro. Grade 1 Harrar is a rarity and the first time we have ever seen one, only having experienced grades 3 or 4 in the past replete with their imperfections. By contract, this coffee is clean and mild to medium fruit penetration. Flavors of cherry morph to lemon on the finish. An even roaster and at an exceedingly good price for the quality.
$8.11 (As Low As  $6.90 )

Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Guji Cooperative
Arrived late May 2015, new crop. Nicely floral and lemony lot of Ethiopia natural with berry notes throughout. Very nice preparation. Grade 1 coffee with almost zero quakers.
$8.11 (As Low As  $6.90 )

Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic
Latest arrival May 2015. Especially clean, vibrant and smooth cupping. The Ketiara Cooperative is a progressive organization with a majority of women as stakeholders.
$7.37 (As Low As  $5.90 )

Colombia Huila Supremo
Arrived late May 2015. Supremo, the largest size sort from Colombia, from the noted Southwestern part of the country. Good value, solid Supremo. These coffees are capable of being roasted across a wide range from light to darkest. Very high grown, mainly above 1750 meters.
$6.05 (As Low As  $4.84 )

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu
New crop just arrived mid early May 2015 - Limited coffee production - A perennial favorite with a big following.
$8.86 (As Low As  $7.53 )

Guatemala SHB Finca La Pastoria
Arrived April 2015 first new crop Guatemala of the season. Single farm strictly hard bean coffee, This is a solid, reliable high grown coffee that can be utilized as a single origin or blend component. Can run the gamut of roast levels.
$6.07 (As Low As  $4.86 )

Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"
Latest arrival February 2015, new crop, This is grade 1, and an especially well sorted lot. This lovely example of Yrgacheffe is floral and has chocolate mouthfeel. Just about zero defects in this coffee to extreme sorting which is time consuming and costly but worth the results. Read the full details.
$7.92 (As Low As  $6.70 )

Brazil Fazenda Passeio Natural
Latest arrival February 2015 in grainpro. Natural coffee is round and layered with tropical fruit background notes. Good component choice for traditional espresso blends. Higher citric acidity, fruit and chocolate notes, and more sweetness which will produce complex cups and espresso.
$6.73 (As Low As  $5.38 )

Bolivia Fair Trade Organic
New crop arrived February 2015 in grainpro. Very small and new cooperative producing fine washed coffee, tabled sun drying.
$7.49 (As Low As  $6.25 )

Peru Fair Trade Organic
Arrived February 2015. Peru is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. Medium/heavy body and considerable acidity. Clean, well structured. Good unblended but a welcome addition to many blends requiring body and brightness. The Cenfrocafe Cooperative offers three sortings of their coffee. This APU sorting is their highest grade, rated 86 points and over, separated from the bulk and in more limited supply.
$6.97 (As Low As  $5.58 )

Kenya AB Gathaiti Auction Lot
Arrived February 2015 in grainpro. A particularly clean and sweet Kenya AB showing bergamot and lightly floral notes paired with green apple acidity. A very good value and a direct import.
$7.75 (As Low As  $6.45 )

Colombia Potosi Organic
Arrived new crop January 2015 in grainpro. From Granja La Esperanza farm in Colombia where we sourced other coffees with different varietals and/or processing. This fairly priced high grown Colombia exhibits black licorice and chocolate fudge aroma. Flavors of tangerine, malt, and sweet red apple.
$7.72 (As Low As  $6.18 )

Rwanda Kigeyo Washing Station Organic
Arrived January 2015, new crop and in grainpro. Wine-like, juicy, brightly acidic with chocolate mouthfeel. Sweet. soft, bright cup.
$8.30 (As Low As  $6.99 )

Mexico Mountain Water Decaf Fair Trade Organic
Latest arrival January 2015. Mild, sweet cupping, lightly acidic. This nice decaffeinated coffee is Fair Trade certified.
$7.60 (As Low As  $6.25 )

Burundi Murago Washing Station
Arrived late December 2014 in grainpro. First new crop Burundi to arrive and a very nice, crisp coffee. Very chocolatey with red apple acidity mouthfeel, velvety. Orange, citrus notes.
$6.92 (As Low As  $5.54 )

Kenya AA Tambaya microlot
Arrived late November 2014 in vacuum packaging. One of our top selections of the year, this lot was directly imported and purchased by our exporter from the cooperative before it headed to auction. Pipe tobacco, cedar, complex. Great cup.
$8.74 (As Low As  $7.50 )

Kenya AB Chinga auction lot
Arrived September 2014 a wonderful new crop arrival. A full, smooth body with tones of black currant, citrus acidity, vanilla and hints of nuttiness.
$7.54 (As Low As  $6.40 )

Panama Finca Lerida
New crop arrived late October 2014 in grainpro Delicate, lightly floral aroma. Flavors of orange citrus, maple.
$8.90 (As Low As  $7.40 )

Panama La Berlina Estate Organic
Arrived late October in Grainpro - Direct Trade. This organic coffee is a great example of Boquete's high quality standards. The farm's principal is also the President of the Panama Specialty Coffee Association.
$10.17 (As Low As  $8.90 )

Costa Rica El Pilon Natural
Arrived late summer 2014 packed in Grainpro bags and has remained unopened until now. Very fruity, notably showing cherry and chocolate notes. Small production of natural from this boutique farm in Tarrazu.
$9.90 (As Low As  $8.91 )

Costa Rica San Francisco 1900 Tarrazu Micro-Lot
Arrived end August 2014 late arriving new crop; beautiful, very high grown microlot. Direct trade. Both grown and milled by Hector Bonilla, who owns the Don Mayo micro mill and has a few of Tarrazu's most prized coffee properties. His coffee, from this same farm, won 1st place in CoE in 2009. We have been buying this Don Mayo coffee for several years and it has a loyal following.
$8.32 (As Low As  $7.07 )

Guatemala Antigua Finca San Sebastian
New crop arrived August 2014, a direct trade coffee. We have been trying to acquire coffee from this world reknown Falla family farm for many years and finally have done so. One of the top Antigua farms with reliably terrific coffee.
$7.87 (As Low As  $6.50 )