New Arrivals

Peru Fair Trade Organic
Arrived November 2015, new crop. Peru is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. Medium/heavy body and considerable acidity. Clean, well structured. Good unblended but a welcome addition to many blends requiring body and brightness.
$6.97 (As Low As  $5.58 )

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural Fair Trade Organic
New crop arrived early October in grainpro. This was our top cupping natural this season - sweet cherry and lemon on the palate, and very clean.
$8.92 (As Low As  $7.60 )

El Salvador Finca Monte Verde
Arrived October 2015, new crop and in grainpro bags. This is a very nice, well priced coffee that has loads of fruit, especially for being washed. It's a mix of Red and Yellow Bourbon from a single and farm.
$7.02 (As Low As  $5.90 )

Guatemala Antigua Finca Santa Clara Honey
New crop, arrived August 2015 in grainpro. Though we have had coffee from Finca Santa Clara in the recent past, and it has been very popular, we've not had any that was honey processed like this one. Chewy mouthfeel with the flavor of orange-chocolate plus other fruity notes and green apple acidity. Really nice cup and affordable for its quality.
$9.07 (As Low As  $7.65 )

Guatemala Antigua Finca San Sebastian
New crop arrived September 2015, a direct trade coffee. We have been trying to acquire coffee from this world reknown Falla family farm for many years and finally have done so. One of the top Antigua farms with reliably terrific coffee.
$7.87 (As Low As  $6.50 )

Costa Rica La Estrella Tarrazu microlot
2015 new crop arrived September in Grainpro. A much sought after coffee with our customers in the past. 1st place Cup of Excellence 2011. A lovely, well rounded and complex cup. Very high grown in Tarrazu at 1950 meters.
$8.22 (As Low As  $6.99 )

Mexico Chiapas Las Delicias
Arrived late September 2015 in grainpro. Twenty one small farmers produce and process this coffee and altogether fill less than one shipping container per year. This easy drinking coffee is bright and resonates with milk chocolate both in aroma and texture. While intended as a standalone coffee, it has attributes which lend it to being a lively component of a blend and it can be roasted across the full roasting range.
$7.07 (As Low As  $5.66 )

Ethiopia Hachira N2 Natural - Ninety Plus
New crop arrived late Sept 2015 boxed in grainpro. Fruit intensity with orange and tangerine, plus chocolate. Long finish. Our top pick from a recent cupping of Ninety Plus Ethiopia coffees.
$18.87 (As Low As  $17.25 )

Ethiopia Kemgin - Ninety Plus
New crop arrived September 2015 boxed and in Grainpro. Another Ninety Plus coffee but this time a refined, washed coffee from the Nekempte region of Ethiopia. Grown at extremely high altitude, this is clean, succulent cup. We offered Kemgin last year to many satisfied home roasters.
$14.53 (As Low As  $13.25 )

Ethiopia Tchembe Natural - Ninety Plus
New crop arrived late Sept 2015 boxed in grainpro. Fruit intensity with orange and tangerine, plus chocolate. Long finish. Our top pick from a recent cupping of Ninety Plus Ethiopia coffees. A deep, unctuous, brooding coffee with mild fruit intesity and much complexity. Stone fruit, very significant body, long, long finish.
$14.53 (As Low As  $13.25 )

Panama Elida Natural Process
2015 crop latest arrival late September in Grainpro bags. Outstanding candidate for single origin espresso. Deep, fruity, earthy, tropical flavors.
$10.77 (As Low As  $9.69 )

Panama Elida Estate Reserve
New crop latest arrival end of September 2015. Perennial favorite and always a terrific example of high grown traditional Panamanian coffee. Delicate, floral aroma. Very bright, fruity, melon-like sweetness, chocolate and berries. Direct trade.
$10.52 (As Low As  $9.47 )

Ethiopia Harrar Grade 1 Natural
Latest arrival September 2015, new crop, in grainpro. Grade 1 Harrar is a rarity and the first time we have ever seen one, only having experienced grades 3 or 4 in the past replete with their imperfections. By contract, this coffee is clean and mild to medium fruit penetration. Flavors of cherry morph to lemon on the finish. An even roaster and at an exceedingly good price for the quality.
$8.11 (As Low As  $6.90 )

Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"
Latest arrival September 2015, new crop, This is grade 1, and an especially well sorted lot. This lovely example of Yrgacheffe is floral and has chocolate mouthfeel. Just about zero defects in this coffee to extreme sorting which is time consuming and costly but worth the results. Read the full details.
$7.92 (As Low As  $6.70 )

Panama Hector Vargas' La Milagrosa
New crop. Latest arrival end of September 2015, in Grainpro. packed at origin. Small grower who has achieved whose coffee has attracted considerable attention. and placed highly in Best of Panama competitions. Big, sweet, juicy coffee. Balanced but forward and clean. Terrific coffee for the price.
$8.52 (As Low As  $7.25 )

Costa Rica Brumas del Zurqui Red Honey
New 2015 crop arrived September. Juan Ramon Alvarado, who won 1st place in the 2012 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence with a huge 93.47 points for his neighboring Zamora farm, and 2nd place in 2015 with a score of 90.92 for his El Beneficio farm, is masterful as both grower and micro processor. At his Brumas micromill he can process various levels of honey and natural coffee from the cherries grown on his several choice farms.
$8.42 (As Low As  $7.16 )

Costa Rica West Valley SHB Specialty Blend
Arrived late August 2015 new crop and in grainpro. This all purpose Costa SHB is from a select group of small single farms in West Valley. The coffees come from farms where the top selections are turned into microlots. Those that score more than 84 points but are not separated for sale as microlots are gathered together for specialty blend. Varietals is mainly Caturra. Washed and sun dried. A very high quality and value priced base that will serve you for light through dark roasts.
$6.47 (As Low As  $5.18 )

Costa Rica Sin Limites Yellow Honey
2015 crop arrived lSeptember in grainpro. Jaime Cardena is a master of honey coffee and produces terrific coffee year after year, though in very small quantity from his West Valley, high altitude farm.
$9.57 (As Low As  $8.30 )

Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic
Latest arrival May 2015. This lot is from the Gayo Linge Organic Coffee Coop which is a very community based organization. Earthy, nutty and smooth.
$7.37 (As Low As  $5.90 )

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu
New crop just arrived mid early May 2015 - Limited coffee production - A perennial favorite with a big following.
$8.86 (As Low As  $7.53 )

Colombia Huila Supremo
Arrived late May 2015. Supremo, the largest size sort from Colombia, from the noted Southwestern part of the country. Good value, solid Supremo. These coffees are capable of being roasted across a wide range from light to darkest. Very high grown, mainly above 1750 meters.
$6.05 (As Low As  $4.84 )

Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Honey
Arrived late August in grainpro. Something completely different yet you might want to make it your everyday coffee. Rasuna varietal is a cross between Typica and Catimor, then processed as honey coffee with the fruit drying after its outer skin has been removed. The end result is sweetly but not overbearing exotic perfume on the nose with succulent stone fruit flavors. This is not your heavy lower acidity Sumatra but a really elegant and different cup to enjoy.
$11.07 (As Low As  $9.70 )

Sumatra Wahana Estate Longberry
Arrived late August 2015 in grainpro. An unusual varietal usually associated with Ethiopia is now being grown on the forward thinking Wahana Estate in the lake Toba region of Sumatra. Very silky, smooth and especially clean coffee with exotic flavor notes redolent of guava.
$11.97 (As Low As  $10.77 )

Guatemala Antigua Santo Domingo SHB
Arrived mid July 2015, new crop. Santo Domingo is a genuine Guatemala Antigua coffee grown by a collective a 15 to 20 small area farms, combined and centrally processed by the traditional fully washed method and sun dried as conditions permit. The coffee trees are shade grown Bourbon and Caturra varietals. An excellent value for a top SHB coffee which can be used unblended or as a blend base.
$6.47 (As Low As  $5.18 )

Kenya Ruita Estate AA
Direct trade, new crop arrived July 2015, in grainpro. Very small, Kirinyaga family farm growing and processing themselves. Excellent coffee with notable cherry aroma and lemon citrus acidity, complex. Direct trade.
$8.67 (As Low As  $7.25 )

Kenya Ruita Estate AB
Arrived July 2015, new crop in grainpro bags, direct trade. AB grade from small Kirinyaga farm produce superb quality. Complex, classic black currant flavors with tropical notes. Direct trade.
$8.02 (As Low As  $6.85 )

Panama Esmeralda Private Reserve Geisha
Arrived end July 2015, new crop in vacuum packaging. The 'second coffee' and 100% Geisha varietal from Hacienda Esmeralda. Wonderfully crisp, delicate, floral and delightful cup at bargain prices for Geisha from this world famous property. Sorry, no further discount. Direct trade.

Bolivia Fair Trade Organic
New crop arrived late July 2015 in grainpro. Very small and new cooperative producing fine washed coffee, tabled sun drying.
$7.66 (As Low As  $6.35 )

Mexico Mountain Water Decaf Fair Trade Organic
Latest arrival January 2015. Mild, sweet cupping, lightly acidic. This nice decaffeinated coffee is Fair Trade certified.
$7.60 (As Low As  $6.25 )

Bolivia Francisco Hilari Organic micro-lot
Arrived June 2015 in grainpro. Single farm microlot and fairly priced. Brown sugar and molasses aroma. Combination of green apple and citrus acidity. Smooth body with long finish. Nice coffees from Bolivia which seem to be harder to find lately. Shows a lot of care taken in preparation.
$8.08 (As Low As  $6.90 )

Brazil Fazenda Helena Natural
Arrival June 2015 in grainpro. Rainforest Alliance certified , large screen 17/18, sourced from a family owned estate in the Cerrado Mineiro region. Mundo Novo varietal. Smooth, earthy, satisfying Brazil natural is an excellent candidate for espresso blends.
$6.20 (As Low As  $4.96 )

Bolivia Martin Hilari Organic micro-lot
Arrived June 2015 in grainpro. Single farm microlot, fairly priced. Sugar cane sweetness and flavor notes combined with bright green apple acidity.. Very balanced, clean and sweet. Another nice microlot from Bolivia.
$8.08 (As Low As  $6.90 )

Rwanda Kabirizi Washing Station Fair Trade Organic
Arrived May 2015 in grainpro. Bourbon Mayaguez varietal of Arabica, the dominant cultivar in the area. Citric acidity, grapefruit, lemon, lime. Fair Trade and Organic certifications.
$8.34 (As Low As  $6.95 )