New Arrivals

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu
New crop just arrived mid April 2014 - Limited coffee production - A perennial favorite with a big following.
$8.24 (As Low As  $6.59 )

Colombia Granja La Esperanza Bourbon Honey
Arrived new crop mid February in grainpro and now offered for the first time. A sweet Honey Red Bourbon from Granja La Esperanza farm in Colombia. A few like minded colleagues and ourselves parlayed a few varieties from this very high quality farm. They own several plots of land and seek to establish which varieties grow best and which processes hihglight those cherries. This honey (semi-fermented) version of their Red Bourbon cultivar is a wonderful example of sweetness and harmonious balance.
$10.03 (As Low As  $8.50 )

Colombia Supremo Santa Barbara
New crop arrived late March 2014. 1650 meter coffee from a large, meticulous farm in Antioquia. Farm ownership is detailed and controls every aspect of production toward maximizing quality. Good value, solid Supremo.
$6.76 (As Low As  $5.41 )

Panama Finca Lerida Honey
Arrived several months ago and stored in grainpro until. A stunning, floral and melony cup that impressed us very much. Only 100 pounds available.
$9.87 (As Low As  $8.35 )

Flores Komodo
Arrived November 2013. Semi washed, wet hulled, clean lot. Shares some some of the qualities of Sumatra coffee. Sweet chocolate, woody tones.
$6.45 (As Low As  $5.16 )

Mexico Swiss Water Decaf Fair Trade
Latest arrival January 2014. Mild, sweet cupping, lightly acidic. This nice decaffeinated coffee is Fair Trade certified.
$7.35 (As Low As  $5.88 )

Brazil Yellow Bourbon Laranjal Farm
Arrived late December 2013, first of the new crop Brazils. Excellent candidate for your espresso blends or single origin espresso. Chocolate, citrus and bright red fruit. Acidity is medium and sweet with citrus. Produced by 3 small Laranjal farm properties in the Pocos de Caldas Region.
$6.65 (As Low As  $5.60 )

Ethiopia Kebel Aricha Natural
Arrived September 2013 in grainpro. Strawberry and lighter cherry notes with lime make for a graceful, well prepared and not overly powerful natural processed coffee.
$7.97 (As Low As  $6.70 )

Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade
Arrived October 2013. Especially clean, vibrant and smooth cupping. The Ketiara Cooperative is a progressive organization with a majority of women as stakeholders.
$6.84 (As Low As  $5.47 )

Sumatra Wahana Natural Process
Arrived November 2013. Back for a second year. An unusual mildly fruity coffee. The varietal is Ravuna, itself a hybrid specific to this micro region, is sun dried in the husk.
$7.50 (As Low As  $6.50 )

Ethiopia Hachira N2 Natural
New crop arrived late Sept 2013 in grainpro and boxed. Fruit intensity with strawberry and cinnamon , plus lychee. Long finish. Our top pick from a recent cupping of Ninety Plus Ethiopia coffees.
$18.20 (As Low As  $16.75 )

Bolivia Bolinda Caranavi
Arrived August 2013, new crop. Small lot particularly clean and silky.
$8.31 (As Low As  $6.99 )

Peru Cenfrocafe Fair Trade
Most recent arrival January 2014. Peru is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. Medium/heavy body and considerable acidity. Clean, well structured. Good straight but a welcome addition to many blends requiring body and brightness.
$6.54 (As Low As  $5.23 )

Bolivia Fair Trade
New crop arrived August 2013. Very small and new cooperative producing fine washed coffee, tabled sun drying.
$6.82 (As Low As  $5.50 )

Colombia Concordia Santa Monica
New crop arrived September 2013, a direct import coffee. We have history with this farm and this is a particularly nice lot. Extremely high grown produces hard beans with concentrated flavor. Chocolate plus citric acidity and mouthfeel of Dutch cocoa. Clean, clear and well balanced.
$6.22 (As Low As  $4.98 )

Kenya AA Thunguri Auction Lot
New crop arrived late August 2013 in vacuum packaging, from the main crop season. Auction microlot, single estate coffee from the Kirinyaga district processed and milled at local facilities. Extremely complex and well balanced. An outstanding example of top Kenya.
$9.99 (As Low As  $8.99 )

Kenya AA Mugaya auction lot
Direct import , new crop arrived August 2013, in grainpro. Crisp, citrusy, elegant cup with dry, clean finish. Very solid.
$7.99 (As Low As  $6.60 )

Guatemala Antigua Finca La Tacita
Arrived mid July 2013, new crop. Finca La Tacita is a genuine Guatemala Antigua grown and processed by a fourth generation coffee family from Bourbon varietal, the Fallas, who also own Finca San Sebastian. An excellent value for a top Antigua.
$6.65 (As Low As  $5.32 )

Costa Rica San Francisco 1900 Tarrazu Micro-Lot
Arrived end July 2013; beautiful, very high grown microlot. Direct trade. Both grown and milled by Hector Bonilla, who owns the Don Mayo micro mill and has a few of Tarrazu's most prized coffee properties. His coffee, from this same farm, won 1st place in CoE in 2009. We have been buying this Don Mayo coffee for several years and it has a loyal following.
$7.91 (As Low As  $6.72 )

Panama Elida Estate Reserve
New crop just arrived late August 2013. Perennial favorite and always a terrific example of high grown traditional Panamanian coffee. Delicate, floral aroma. Very bright, fruity, melon-like sweetness, chocolate and berries. Direct trade.
$9.64 (As Low As  $8.68 )

Panama Elida Natural Process
2013 crop arrived late August in Grainpro bags. Outstanding candidate for single origin espresso. Deep, fruity, earthy, tropical flavors.
$9.64 (As Low As  $8.68 )

Yemen Mocha Harazi
2013 crop arrived late July, a direct import arrangement. Big,bold, exotic cup of favored Mocha flavors. Clean cupping.
$12.51 (As Low As  $11.26 )

Costa Rica El Centro Black Honey
New crop arrived late July. Juan Ramon Alvarado, who won first place in the 2012 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence with a huge 93.47 points for his neighboring Zamora farm, is masterful as both grower and micro processor. At his Brumas micromill he can process various levels of honey and natural coffee from the cherries grown on his several choice farms.
$8.42 (As Low As  $7.16 )

Panama Esmeralda Boquete Geisha
Arrived mid July new crop. The 'second coffee' and 100% Geisha varietal from Hacienda Esmeralda. Wonderfully crisp, delicate, floral and delightful cup at bargain prices for Geisha from this world famous property. Sorry, no further discount.

Costa Rica Sin Limites Yellow Honey
2013 crop arrived late July in grainpro. Jaime Cardena is a master of honey coffee and produces terrific coffee year after year, though in very small quantity from his West Valley, high altitude farm.
$9.92 (As Low As  $8.60 )

Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero
Arrived July 2013, new crop. Multiple organic certifications, this exotic, high grown coffee is a pleasure to drink with peach and plum flavors.
$8.67 (As Low As  $7.37 )

Costa Rica El Espino Yellow Honey Caturra
2013 crop arrived late July in Grainpro bags.High grown 1800 meter Yellow Honey Caturra that we purchased in 2012 but have not yet offered. Sweet, but mild fruit penetration. Nearly minty fragrance. Grown by noted noted West Valley farmer Gillio Francesca Ferraro.
$8.42 (As Low As  $7.16 )

Costa Rica La Estrella Tarrazu microlot
2013 new crop arrived late July in Grainpro. A much sought after coffee with our customers last year. 1st place Cup of Excellence 2011. A lovely, well rounded and complex cup. Very high grown in Tarrazu at 1950 meters.
$8.71 (As Low As  $7.50 )

Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere Grade 1
Latest arrival November 2013, first of this season's crop and it is grade 1, something unusual. This lovely example of Yrgacheffe is sweet and has chocolate mouthfeel. A particularly nice lot.
$7.80 (As Low As  $6.25 )

Costa Rica SHB La Pastora Tarrazu
New crop arrived mid June 2013. A versatile dense coffee from a micro region in Tarrazu. Washed processing is done at the Cooptarrazu. Clean, sweet cup and a good value.
$6.16 (As Low As  $4.93 )

Burundi Bwayi Washing Station Bourbon
Arrived March 2013. Our top microlot pick for this season. A terrific value in this classy Bourbon.
$7.57 (As Low As  $6.50 )

Papua New Guinea Sigri Mountain Water Decaf
Arrived May 2013 and fresh from decaffeinated. A unique opportunity to try a top single origin, single plantation coffee in a decaffeinated form. We think you will find it to be among the best the decafs you have tasted.
$6.96 (As Low As  $5.85 )