Brazil Natural Sitio Baixadao
Arrived March 2017. This coffee is an excellent deal being from the farm that won the highest score ever received at a Cup of Excellence competition! From the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, this is a full natural Catuai varietal. Dark fruits, green apple, creamy and juicy.
$8.02 (As Low As $6.42)

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate AA
Typica varietal used in PNG originated from Jamaica Blue Mountain and family connection is unmistakable. An especially nice lot. Smokey, hickory notes, with refined sweetness.
$6.72 (As Low As $5.90)

Colombia Llano Verde Microlot
New crop arrived December 2016. This is a very high grown microlot that was won during a regional competition called Mejor de Narino held in August 2016. Flavors of raisin, black currant, browning sugar with winey acidity.
$8.89 (As Low As $7.60)

Panama Las Brujas Geisha Natural
First offering of this natural processed Geisha from Panama Kotowa Las Brujas farm. Arrived in grainpro in September 2016. Elegant, jasmine aromas with tropical fruit and lime flavors.
$38.50 (As Low As $38.50)

Bolivia Fair Trade Organic
New crop arrived January 2017 in grainpro. We are happy to have secured this as Bolivian coffees are becoming increasingly hard to procure. Heavy aroma, low acidity, milk chocolate sweetness.
$7.46 (As Low As $6.20)

Brazil Fazenda Barra Grande Natural
New crop arrived late December 2016 in grainpro. Fairly high elevation for Brazil at 4000 feet. Natural process and a mix of Yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo. Large screen 17/18, sourced from a family owned estate in the Minas Gerais. Chocolatey smooth, earthy, satisfying Brazil natural is an excellent candidate for espresso blends.
$6.16 (As Low As $4.93)

Colombia Medellin Supremo
Newest arrival January 2017. This Supremo, the largest size sort from Colombia, is from the Medellin region. Clean and bright. Durable beans.
$6.16 (As Low As $4.93)

Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic
Arrived February 2017 from the Sara Ate Cooperative in the Aceh region of Sumatra. Earthy, nutty and smooth.
$7.37 (As Low As $5.90)

Colombia Bruselas San Isidro microlot
Direct Import coffee, arrived November 2016. This very limited microlot comes from the Bruselas region within Huila, located in the Southern region of Colombia. Sweet, clean with nice tropical fruit acidity.
$7.77 (As Low As $6.60)

Panama Altieri Catuai Washed
Arrived September 2016. A direct trade from Gene Altieri in Boquete, Panama. Clean, apple and floral notes.
$8.89 (As Low As $7.49)

Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon
Arrived here in September in grainpro but being offered now (early November) for the first time. Yellow Bourbon varietal from multi award winning farm and producer located in Palencio Guatemala. Very sweet, clean cup really impressed us.
$7.82 (As Low As $6.70)

Panama Mama Cata Typica-Geisha Blend
New crop arrived September 2016. This is from a farm in Panama that we have never offered coffee before. This Typica/Geisha Blend is a unique offering that we are happy to have.
$10.64 (As Low As $9.66)

Peru Fair Trade Organic
New crop arrived October 2016. Peru is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. Medium/heavy body and considerable acidity. Clean, well structured. Good unblended but a welcome addition to many blends requiring body and brightness.
$6.72 (As Low As $5.38)

Panama Elida Honey Process
New crop arrived September 2016. This is a honey processed coffee from one of our long time favorite farms, Elida Estate. While the cup does not have as much fruit intensity, it has a really nice earthiness and sweetness.
$11.14 (As Low As $10.03)

Panama Elida Natural Process
2016 crop arrived September in Grainpro bags. Outstanding candidate for single origin espresso. Deep, fruity, earthy, tropical flavors.
$11.14 (As Low As $10.03)

Panama Kotowa Duncan Organic
Arrived September 2016, a direct trade coffee packed in Grainpro at origin. Distinctly lemony, delicate.
$9.39 (As Low As $7.90)

Guatemala El Socorro Maracaturra
New crop arrived mid Sept 2016 in Grainpro. This multi award winning coffee is Maracaturra varietal, a cross between Caturra and the very large Maragogipe. It is from Palencia province of Guatemala high in the mountains not terribly far from Guatemala City. In the cup it has delicate tropical fruit background notes. Complex, layered and silky smooth finish.
$10.07 (As Low As $8.60)

Guatemala Antigua Finca San Sebastian
New crop arrived mid Sept 2016 in Grainpro, a direct trade coffee. We had been trying to acquire coffee from this world reknown Falla family farm for many years and finally have developed an ongoing relationship. One of the top genuine Antigua farms with reliably terrific coffee.
$7.87 (As Low As $6.50)

Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Grade 1 Guji Cooperative
Arrived September 2016, new crop. Grade 1 coffee with virtually zero quakers. Nicely floral and lemony lot of Ethiopia natural with berry notes throughout. Very nice and especially cafeful preparation.
$8.62 (As Low As $7.30)