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    Costa Rica Rodolfo Rivera Geisha Natural

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      Costa Rica Rodolfo Rivera Geisha Natural


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      About Costa Rica Rodolfo Rivera Geisha Natural

      Our first offering from this producer. The coffee arrived in October and is from the latest crop. It arrived in grainpro liners.

      Costa Rica has been a pioneer in promoting and installing micromills. Relatively small milling machines, first developed in Colombia by the Penagos company, allow producers to process their own coffee from end to end.  In the past producers would just grow coffee, harvest it and drive it to a local processing center where they were paid, usually at whatever the basic rate was at the time. With the advent of micromilling, producers could purchase their own processing machinery and thus control all aspects of their output. Once they got on that path they were rewarded by receiving more money for their coffee if the quality, now completely in their hands, warranted it. Sometimes, if a single producer could not afford the equipment, they would partner with coffee producing neighbors to share the expense. That was the case here with producer Rodolfo Rivera.

      Rodolfo Rivera

      Rodolfo was one of six producers who embarked on a venture to revolutionize a small family business by establishing a Micro Mill. Their goal was to enhance the value of coffee production and identify a market where they could enhance their pricing. Additionally, they aimed to cultivate enduring partnerships with other reputable, ethical and local farmers renowned for producing exceptional quality coffees.

      • Farm: San Martin
      • Producer: Rodolfo Rivera
      • Micromill:  Puente Tarrazu Micromill
      • Region: Tarrazu
      • Micro Region: Léon Cortes
      • Elevation: 1850 meters
      • Varietal: Geisha
      • Plant age: 5 Years
      • Processing: Traditional Natural
      Despite the micromill availability, this coffee is a full, traditional Natural, meaning it skin and pulp are left intact, then dried to the desired moisture level. The dried cherry has flavors imparted by pulp drying on the seeds (beans) within. The final step is milling off all of the dried matter.

      Members of the Puente micromill, including Rodolfo Rivera

      Their commitment to continual improvement in farming and production practices spurred the introduction of novel varieties and processing methods. Consequently, this endeavor has yielded a continuously expanding array of flavor profiles including this fine example of Geisha.

      Cup characteristics: Preserved lemon, soy.  Floral notes and fruit, notably dried apricot, other tropical fruits and malt. Lots of body, especially for a geisha.

      Roasting notes: This high grown coffee makes for a hard and durable bean that can withstand higher heat. It can be roasted throughout the entire color range but lighter roasts favor delicate fruit flavors and nuances. Natural coffees proceed through the roasting cycle more quickly Coffees like this are best enjoyed by having the roast ended before second crack commences in our opinion, or, at the outset of second crack.