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    Home Coffee Roasters

    Shop for the best coffee roasting machines for beginners and experienced home coffee roasters alike.

    We offer up only the best in home coffee roasters. We're proud to feature home roasting machines like the Behmor 2000 AB Home Coffee Roaster, the Sandbox Smart R2 and the Hottop Digital Drum Roaster line, all available to buy right here on our site. Rest assured, we have the perfect home coffee roaster for you, no matter what your budget. An in-depth review is available on each of the home coffee roasters below.
    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the best home coffee roaster for beginners?

    Selecting the ideal home coffee roaster for a beginner requires consideration of several factors, not least of which is the roaster's ability to accommodate a learning curve while delivering consistent results. For those starting on the journey of coffee roasting at home, a machine that offers straightforward controls and visible signs of the roasting process can make all the difference. It's not uncommon for novices to opt for air roasters or smaller drum machines, as these types are often praised for their user-friendly interfaces and the immediate feedback they give during the roasting process. An air roaster, such as the Fresh Roast models SR540 and SR800, circulate hot air to roast coffee beans, which allows for quick and even roasting, albeit usually in smaller batches. It is also easy to see the coffee and hear first crack, an audible indicator that coffee is nearing the final stage of a roast. Many new roasters also favor the Behmor 2000AB, which uses a roasting cylinder, as it is easy to use. It has both programmed and manual options and thus can be used by novices as well as more experienced users.

    In contrast, a drum roaster might appeal to those who are looking for a bit more sophistication without being overly complex. Think of a drum roaster, like the Hottop Digital Drum Roaster, as a tiny mixer, gently tumbling coffee beans in a heated environment. The rotation ensures that heat is evenly distributed, reducing the risk of uneven roasts. These machines often come with variable controls for temperature and time, allowing users to develop their skills and refine their preferences over time. Given that practice leads to perfection, a drum roaster can be a valuable asset for a beginner, unraveling the nuances of at-home coffee roasting with each batch. Despite its slight learning curve, a drum roaster is a superb choice due to its capacity for larger batches and the more nuanced flavors it can elicit.

    What should a beginner look out for?

    The biggest issue we come across from home roaster buyers is that they do not read the manual before diving in to roasting. This can lead to a number of problems. There are built in safety features in most brands that will send the roaster into cooling mode if the person who is roasting is not in attendance to press a button to keep it running. Why? Because coffee beans, if left to roast unattended, can ignite and no one wants to see that happen, so manufacturers make it necessary for you to be with your roaster toward the end phases of a roast. It is not much different than leaving something to cook on your stove and forgetting about it. Often, if a user has not read the manual, they might think their roaster is not working properly when it automatically goes into cooling mode before the roast is done. Really, it is just for your protection and safety. Don't forget - READ THE MANUAL FIRST!