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    Africa & Arabia

    African coffees are complex, varied and truly interesting. Some of the world's finest come from this continent. Kenya coffee can offer great nuance; Ethiopia offers a great range from powerful winey flavors to earthy chocolate. Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and others, especially from eastern Africa, offer the coffee connoisseur wonderful taste experiences.
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    Burundi Muramba Washing Station
    Ethiopia Guji Anasora Grade 2
    Ethiopia Hamasho Natural Grade 1
    Ethiopia Hambela Natural Organic
    Ethiopia Shakiso Natural Organic Grade 1
    Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Reko Onancho Grade 1
    Kenya AA Gaturiri
    Kenya AA Kaganda
    Kenya AB Rita
    Uganda White Nile Natural Organic
    Yemen Haraaz Sharqi Red
    Yemen Hasan Ghalib Saleh Single Farm Nanolot