Ethiopia Hamasho Natural Grade 1

Ethiopia Hamasho Natural Grade 1

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Bean Data

Moisture 10.3%
Density .72 g/ml

About Ethiopia Hamasho Natural Grade 1

Arriived August 2021, the first new crop Ethiopia Natural of the season to arrive, in Grainpro.  A fantastic new arrival.  The producers of Hamasho live high in the beautiful Bombe mountains and have an out-grower relationship with producer Daye Bensa. The out-grower group consists of about 1,500 farmers in various parts of the mountain range and these producers deliver their coffee to Daye Bensa's Hamasho Washing Station.

Daye Bensa works with various communities of out-growers from whom they receive cherries and work with multiple washing stations in the Bensa Sidamo area. Due to the staggering elevations of up to 2,300+ meters, the beans are very dense, with heavy concentrations of the smaller screen sizes (the majority of the coffee screen sizes at 13-14).

The Hamasho Natural is made from well selected, ripe cherry. The cherries are floated upon reception to remove over-ripe and under-ripe beans and then dried on African beds for between 14 and 18 days. The cherries are locally hulled into unsorted beans, and then transported to Addis for final sorting at Daye Bensa's own dry-mill.

Daye Bensa is no stranger to quality and has learned how to produce high quality coffees: in 2020, they won 7th place in the COE with their Assefa Dukamo Natural, grown on their farm, Gatta. And in 2021, they received 8th place in the COE, with one of their Washed Hamasho lots.

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Farm: Various small stakeholders
  • Drymill: Daye Bensa Station
  • Region: Sidamo
  • Municipality: Hamasho Village
  • Altitude: Up to 2300+ meters
  • Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Some photos courtesy courtesy of Daye Bensa

Cup Characteristics: Aromas of blueberry and cocoa. Flavors of berries and lemon. Very clean natural processed coffee with a big fruity punch. Moderate to significant fruit intensity.

Roasting Notes: This coffee has sweet, fruity profile when kept City+ to Full City. We stopped this roast about a minute past first crack and it seemed ideal - second crack had not yet started. On a Behmor a P2 or P3 would work well.

Ethiopia coffee facts:

Population (2020): 115 Million People
Domestic Consumption: 1.5 Million bags per year
Coffee Export: 1.5 Million Bags of 60 Kg. (132.29 lb.)
Cultivated Area: 400,000 Hectares (988,000 Acres)

-- Unwashed: October to March
-- Washed: end of July to December

Arabica Introduced: The birthplace of coffee. Oldest recognized country of origin for uncultivated Arabica species.

331,130 (94%) Smallholdings (less than or equal to 2.47 acres)
19,000 (6%) Government

Specialty Coffees:
Washed: Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Limu, Bebeka

Unwashed: Harrar, Sidamo, Djimmah, Lekempti (wild coffee trees)

Botanical Varietals: Numerous indigenous cultivars.


About 50% of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is consumed there as the population has a rich coffee drinking culture, replete with ceremony and tradition.