Central America

Central American coffees are known for their bright acidity. Generally, the beans are hard and can take heat readily. In addition to many great standalone coffees, beans from this region are good candidates as the brightening component in blends, and, for dark roasting.
Coffee Bag Size Qty
Costa Rica Finca Dayana Red Honey
Costa Rica Finca La Ladera del Aguacate Natural
Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu
Costa Rica San Francisco 1900 Tarrazu Micro-Lot
Costa Rica Santa Maria Dota Tarrazu
Costa Rica Santa Teresa Cedral
Guatemala Antigua Finca San Sebastian
Guatemala Antigua Santo Domingo SHB
Guatemala Finca La Hermosa Las Luchas Microlot
Guatemala Finca Santa Sofia
Mexico Mountain Water Decaf Fair Trade Organic
Panama Finca Lerida Geisha Black Honey
Panama Finca Lerida Geisha Washed