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    Behmor Jake 1 Kilo Roaster

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      Behmor Jake 1 Kilo Roaster


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      About Behmor Jake 1 Kilo Roaster

      The Behmor Jake 1 kilo roaster is not available for sale nor in production. The manufacturer projects availability in late 2022. When available, we will be resellers of The Jake. A product video and description is product description is below.

      If you fill out the form above we will keep you informed of developments as we have more information. We thank you in advance for you interest.

      Key Roaster Features

      • 2000+ watts of heating power (20 amp, 120v outlet required)
      • 360 watts of intense cooling system. Hand cool <2 min, room cool in a little as 3 minutes for a kilo
      • Dimensions: 14 3/16" wide X 28" long X 21" high (without hopper- 26" with hopper)
      • Roast times. As little as 12 minutes or as long as you want. Average roast time is 14-15 minutes to second crack.
      • Capacity: 100 grams to 1 kilogram; 3 to 36 ounces
      • Heavily insulated for efficiency and safety
      • 3 lb perforated roasting drum, 13 lb roast chamber for stability
      • Controllable recycled roast chamber air for added efficiency
      • Adjustable Roast chamber air flow
      • Improved smoke suppression system
      • Bean mass and Chamber thermocouples and display

      Professional drum roaster technology for the home roaster or coffee professional

      • View Port
      • Professional style trier
      • USB Communication port for PC connectivity
      • Perfect sample roaster for shops and coffee professionals
      • Create your own profiles, Capture and load previous manual roasts, and Share saved profiles
      • Programmed to run the cooling fan and dump your beans at a predetermined time
      • Pre-heat to a predetermined level
      • Auto dump and cooling feature for fire prevention
      • Easy bean loading and dumping
      • Auto-detect roast start option
      • Built to roast batch after batch