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    Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster

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      Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster


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      Includes 5 pounds of coffee

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      About Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster

      Includes Free Ground Shipping and 5 pounds of assorted green coffee


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      Sandbox Smart R1 at a glance

      The Sandbox Smart R1 coffee roaster is an extremely capable and modern way to roast 100 to 150 grams of coffee to a finely tuned level.  That's enough for roughly 10 to 14 five ounce cups.  The roaster and its companion app that runs it, is true to its name, and is indeed smart.  The app has built in profiles to use as a starting point but you can go on to create your own.  From there, roasts can be repeated - or shared. 


      Sandbox Smart Home Coffee Roaster APP Features

      • Paring-Bluetooth connection by phone or tablet
      • Profile Database- light/med/dark pre-loaned official profiles
      • History-Auto-Record on cloud and roasting note maintain
      • Mine-Creat your own profiles and share your recipe with the world
      • Instant Manual Adjustment freely adjust the parameters of Power/Fan/Drum


      • Brand:  Sandbox Smart
      • Roaster model:  Sandbox Smart R1
      • Capacity:  100g-150g
      • Heating method: Electric. Quartz elements.
      • Voltage:  AC 100-120 volts, 50/60Hz
      • Power:  600 watts
      • Drum rotation speed: 30 rpm
      • Drum material:  304 food grade stainless steel
      • Dimensions: L x W x H 10 x 9 x 10.25 inches
      • Weight:  15.4 pounds (7kg)
      • Construction materials: metallic machine body, 304 stainless steel, PC/ABS
      • Connection:  Bluetooth
      • Accessories provided: Heat insulating gloves, straight brush, power cord, instructions


      One year worldwide warranty from date of purchase. Within the warranty period, the manufacturer provides repair service if the machine is damaged due to non-human interference. The warranty service includes product repairs or replacement.