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    Colombia Ivan Montoya microlot

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      Colombia Ivan Montoya microlot


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      About Colombia Ivan Montoya microlot

      Arrived in January 2024 in grainpro lined sacks. This is the first offering we have had from this producer.

      A native of Urrao, Antioquia, Ivan began his coffee endeavors after inheriting a piece of land from his grandparents called La Soledad. Over the last 14 years, Ivan has developed about 3,000 Chiroso trees and credits the elevation of the farm, over 2,000 meters above sea level, as the secret ingredient to the high quality coffee he produces. In addition, the fertile soil allows for diversification as he also produces avocados and naranjilla. Ivan is certainly proud of the coffee he produces, but he is even more humbled that it allows him to provide for his aging grandparents.

      This coffee stood out on the cupping table and some of the interest came from the varietal - Chiroso. The Chiroso varietal was first grown in the Penderisco Valley in the municipality of Urrao, Antioquia. This beautiful region is located at 2000 meters above sea level in the occidental mountain range of Colombia. The origin of the varietal is unknown, and there is a lack of formal research on the topic. However, according to coffee farmers in the region, a local farmer in the 1980s constructed a coffee nursery of what he thought was a caturra varietal. When the plants started to grow, he noticed that some of the plants were a little different with respect to the shape of its leaves, thus, 'hoja chirosa' means ragged leaves. Late in the 1980s and early 1990s the region was affected by leaf rust which can destroy coffee trees. The farmer noticed that the coffee trees that were different were staying healthier than his others. This was the main reason the varietal became popular in the region with other farmers.  In 2014, Carmen Cecilia Montoya, a farmer from the region, won the Cup of Excellence with a Chiroso varietal. The varietal began to take off in the region because of the high cup quality.

      •   Country: Colombia
      •   Producer: Ivan Montoya
      •   Farm: La Soledad
      •   Region: Antioquia
      •   Village: Urrao
      •   Altitude: 2,050 meters (6,725 feet)
      •   Varietal: Chiroso
      •   Harvest: 2023
      •   Processing: Washed. Dried in a covered patio
      Finca La Soledad

      Limited availability!

      Cup Characteristics:  Tart prune juice with some notes of sweet peppers. Complex and layered flavors.  The tartness is very pleasing and turns into a long, dry finish.

      Roasting Notes: Due to the high altitude that this coffee is grown at the beans are small and dense. To showcase the flavor profile we recommend pulling before second crack, but the bean is durable enough to withstand a darker roast if desired.