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    Colombia Supremo

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      Colombia Supremo


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      About Colombia Supremo

      Latest arrival mid September 2022.

      This Supremo is from multiple regions including Medellin, Antioquia, Popayan, Huila et al.  The old term is MAMs which stood for Medellin, Armenia and Manizales, the principle regions where high grown Colombia coffees are grown. The exporter which compiles this coffee has been very reliable and we have been pleased with the selections we have secured from them. We often have Supremo from single regions but have favored this combination of late.

      Supremo is a grade based on size and number of defects.  The bean size is screen 17 and up where Excelso grade is bewteen screens 14 and 16.5.  Screen size alone should not be an indicator of cup quality as many fine coffees from Colombia are grown at such elevations that larger bean sizes are not feasible.  Coffee at the highest elevation grows more slowly and is typically smaller.  That said, Supremo is a broad indicator of plant nutrition.

      Supremos are the largest sized beans which the exception of Maragogype the so called 'elephant' beans, a tiny percentage of Colombia production. The cup is well balanced and can be enjoyed at any time of day. Harvests are generally from September to December with US arrivals generally from early to late Spring.

      Farm elevations are ordinarily 5200 to 6000 feet. Ripe cherries are hand picked, mostly by women from the region, then wet processed using traditional fermentation, washing with pure mountain water using a series of canals, and sun-drying on patios. Supremo beans are large and uniform with 90% of them over screen 18.

      Supremo beans, merged from numerous area smallholders, can be simple, clean and versatile. Use them for single origin, blend components to add brightness with mild body, and, dark roasts. They are dense, durable and large.

      Cup Characteristics: Clean and bright with intense aroma. Light acidity and generous sweetness. Nice preparation.

      Roasting Notes: Durable, high grown coffee capable of roasts between City Plus (C+) and dark roasts past second crack, and steps in between. The beans are large and dense, having enough acidity to hold up to dark roasting while still being flavorful. If you roast on a Behmor we suggest profile P2 for this coffee. We felt this profile offered the best combination of body and acidity. P3 was also quite decent.

      Colombia coffee facts:

      Main crop seasons vary depending on location. For many the main crop is Sept - December. Some regions have a mid crop as well.

      Population: 43.6 Million people
      Domestic Consumption: 1.8 Million Bags of 70 Kg. (154 lb.)
      Coffee Export: 12.5 Million Bags of 70 Kg. (154 lb.)
      Cultivated Area: 1.1 Million Hectares (2.7 Million Acres)
      Harvest: Main Crop: October to January (60%)
      Fly Crop: April to June (40%)
      Note: In Narino, due to its geography, Main and Fly crop seasons are reversed.
      Arabica Introduced: From the Carribean through Venezuela
      Farms: 300,000

      Specialty Coffees:
      Supremo basis of a 17 screen size
      Excelso basis of a 16/17 screen size

      Botanical Varieties:
      Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Maragogype, Variety Colombia (hybrid of Timor and Caturra)

      Crop Comments

      Colombia is the second largest exporter of Arabica coffee in the world. All coffee grown is Arabica species, and mostly all is grown at high elevation and wet processed. Supremo is the country's highest grade though the highest elevation coffee can be smaller and thus not able to make the size grade although more concentrated. Colombia coffee has a well-earned reputation as having fine body, pleasant acidity and clean flavor. Each region brings a little something different to the final product.