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    Porlex Hand Coffee Mill

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      Porlex Hand Coffee Mill


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      About Porlex Hand Coffee Mill

      This compact and sleek hand grinder is ideal for camping or traveling. Equipped with ceramic burrs and stainless steel body, lid, and cup this is a durable grinder that's simple to use. The ceramic burrs can be adjusted to the desired grind setting. The metal handle is removable for storage and easily fits back on top when you need to use it. For operation, simply screw off the top portion, pour in beans, and grind.

      Manufactured in Japan, these mills ship in boxes with untranslated Japanese. We include English instructions but these mills are very easy to figure out. It takes about a second to grind 1 gram of coffee, so about 45 seconds per fill for the large size.

      Tall dimensions: 7 inches tall, 2 inch diameter, Capacity: 44 grams (about 1/2 cup whole bean)

      Mini dimensions: 4.75 inches tall, 2 inch diameter, Capacity 26 grams (about 1/4 cup whole bean)

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