Hario Ceramic Mini Plus Coffee Mill

Hario Ceramic Mini Plus Coffee Mill


About Hario Ceramic Mini Plus Coffee Mill

Introduced in June 2017, The Hario Ceramic Mini Plus Coffee Mill replaces our Hario Ceramic Slim Mill which was available for a number of years. While smaller in capacity (the new model holds 24g, the older 30g), the Mini-Slim Plus has a new reinforced hexagonal adapter exclusive to the US and a stainless steel handle instead of aluminum.

This very small portable coffee mill is perfect for a compact kitchen or pack to travel. Handle comes off easily for packing or putting in a drawer and reattaches in a snap by fitting over a metal peg. Grinds enough coffee for two or more cups. The ceramic conical burrs are adjustable for whatever grind size you prefer. Ceramic burrs will produce almost no heat and is excellent for optimizing coffee flavor.

This is a manual grinder - not electric - so expect to be a participant in the process. This is a great product for the coffee aficionado who travels or backpacks and wants to have a small, lightweight grinder to take along. Upper chamber holds beans; lower chamber holds grounds.

Made in Japan by Hario.

Height without handle: 7 inches
Width at base: 2.5 inches