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    Sandbox Smart F2 Exhaust Fan

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      Sandbox Smart F2 Exhaust Fan


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      About Sandbox Smart F2 Exhaust Fan

      The new (January 2024) Sandbox F2 Exhaust Fan is the best way to remove roasting smoke and odor from your environment. It replaces the F1 smoke reducer.

      The F2 is a completely new design that pairs perfectly with the Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster.  However, the device can be used to vent smoke and odor from a variety of devices as it connects using magnets and be vented easily out of a window or to a range hood that is, in turn, vented to the outside.  The device does not use nor require any consumables, such as paper filters.  There are 2 air intakes which convey smoke through a powerful exhaust fan that  can be aimed out of a window to other vent.

      • Tubing can be extended from 24 to 60 inches to suit a variety of situation
      • Magnetically attached to Sandbox Smart R2 roasters
      • USB powered
      • Powerful 4500 RPM exhaust fan

      When using the F2 with a Sandbox Smart R1 roaster leave a gap of about 3/4 inch between the roaster body and intake of F2.

      Use the F2 stand to support the intake.

      F2 attaches to metal bodies using magnets

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