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    Sandbox Smart G1 Grinder

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      Sandbox Smart G1 Grinder


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      About Sandbox Smart G1 Grinder

      A good hand coffee should be capable of delivering consistently ground coffee regardless of the fineness dictated by the brewing process, whether very fine or coarse, with roasts light or dark.  It should do that without generating the heat that is typically produced by electric grinders.  It is a bonus if the aesthetics are pleasing to the eye, and it should feel comfortable in your hands.  The Sandbox Smart G1 manual coffee grinder does all of that.   It has:

      • Large capacity
      • Stainless steel burrs
      • A unique double bearing design
      The grinder is comprised of three sections from the top down: the grinding handle, main body, and grounds container.  The main body is the top 1/3 of the unit and where you put in coffee beans.  After beans are in the body the handle simply fits on to a hexagonal stem.  On the underside of the main body are where the 38mm conical stainless steel burrs are located as well as the grounds adjustment wheel laid out like an anolog clock with indicators for 0, 3, 6 and 9 and with increment markers between each.  The main body screws on to the grounds container beneath and the fit and finish here show precision engineering - it just feels beautifully made.

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