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    Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

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      Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill


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      About Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

      Hario's Skerton Hand Coffee Mill Plus is an updated version of Hario's Skerton Coffee Mill, which was available for a number of years. It features the same capacity of the older model, but now has a burr stabilizer plate (exclusive to the US) included. Hario Mills are nicely conceived and executed products aimed at those seeking a manual way to grind coffee. Apart from the zen of milling, grinding by hand produces coffee that is cooler and with less static. Higher speed mills produce heat from friction that is much reduced here. The ceramic burrs will provide years of precision grinding and service. You can easily find the right grind for espresso or anything coarser, such as drip or French Press.

      Be advised that this is not the quickest way to grind your coffee and expect it to take a few minutes. It is not simply the push of a button but requires your participation, although it is very easy to do. This is an ideal solution for campers or travelers who want to take their coffee setup on the road with them; but it has appeal that is broader too.

      The mill comes with ceramic burrs, a rubberized base for securing the glass lower half while grinding, and a screw top for storing grounds. The hand crank detaches when desired. Receptacle bowl holds 100 grams of ground coffee.

      red and yellow honey
      Underside of the top crank showing the ceramic burrs.

      red and yellow honey
      Receptacle bowl with rubberized base and cap. Both pieces removable.



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