South America

South America is the largest source of Arabica coffee. Brazil and Colombia are the two largest world producers. There is a significant range of taste throughout the continent. Brazilian coffees have a distinctive bite that makes them favored components in espresso blends; Colombia and other countries are better known for for acidic, bright coffees and harder beans.
Coffee 1 lb $ As Low As In Basket Qty  
Bolivia Fair Trade Organic $7.66 $6.35 None
Bolivia Ovidio Paco Microlot $8.21 $6.90 None
Brazil Fazenda Passeio Natural $6.76 $5.41 None
Colombia Antioquia Supremo $5.96 $4.77 None
Colombia Julio Cesar Sanchez microlot $7.87 $6.60 None
Colombia Potosi Organic $7.27 $5.82 None
Peru Fair Trade Organic $6.97 $5.58 None