Espresso Firenze

Espresso Firenze

Bag Size:
1 pound bag - $6.47 per pound
2 pound bag - $6.15 per pound
5 pound bag - $5.96 per pound
10 pound bag - $5.83 per pound
50 pound Pro Pack - $4.77 per pound

Bean Data

Moisture 10.6%
Density .73 g/ml

About Espresso Firenze

NEW! Espresso Firenze is our second custom crafted espresso blend, the original being our popular Espresso Milano. Also intended for those aficianados of northern Italian espresso, this blend adds a berry-fruit backdrop to what is overall, a complex cup. The main components are natural coffees with the addition of some Bourbon washed. Our goal was a viscous, flavorful fruit forward experience and we feel like we achieved it. It is satisfying in tactile, aromatic and flavorful attributes.

Cup Characteristics: Berry complex notably blueberry as backdrop. Lots of crema when roasted properly and when the beverage has the correct extraction. Long tangy finish, thick lanolin mouthfeel. Highly aromatic.

Roasting Notes: We recommend that you roast Espresso Firenze to Full City, pulling the roast as it just begins second crack. By doing so you will preserve much of the delicacy of the components, the acidic bite and fruity notes. This is the same recommendation we make for our Espresso Milano. But feel free to do your own experiments and roast it to your liking.