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    Espresso Milano

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      Espresso Milano


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      About Espresso Milano

      Espresso Milano is a blend that has been long in the making. Like many of our customers we are fans of Northern Italian style espresso, those sweet, viscous cups with a characteristic bite. A coffee that lingers pleasantly on the palate. We found that a small percentage of one component could often play a larger role than we would have expected and so we continued to tweak. For longer than we care to admit we have experimented with different origins and roast levels and finally, have produced a blend we feel has everything going for it: rich crema, tongue-coating lanolin body, attack and a lovely flavor profile.

      We recommend that you roast Espresso Milano to Full City, pulling the roast as it just begins second crack. By doing so you will preserve much of the delicacy of the components, the acidic bite and some floral notes. But feel free to do your own experiments and roast it to your liking.

      It took a very long time and coffee from five continents to make our Espresso Milano. We hope you enjoy it as much as did when we created it.