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    Yemen Hasan Ghalib Saleh Single Farm Nanolot

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      Yemen Hasan Ghalib Saleh Single Farm Nanolot


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      About Yemen Hasan Ghalib Saleh Single Farm Nanolot

      Yemen Single Farmer Hasan Ghalib Saleh nanolot, arrived January 2023 in muslin bags lined with Grainpro.  Directly imported.

      An incredible opportunity to try a Yemeni Haraaz Red grown on a single small farm meticulously focused on quality in the mountainous region of Sharqi Haraaz in the village of Oberaat. Grown by Hasan Ghalib Saleh nanolot represents most of his small farm's yearly production.

      Hasan's farm is located in the Sharqi Haraaz mountains in Western Yemen. Coffee is grown between 6,500 and 8,000 feet in a relatively arid environment that depends entirely on rainfall for irrigation. Unlike many coffee groves throughout the world, trees are planted individually and retain their distinct tree or shrub like appearance throughout the steeply terraced hillsides.

      Coffee origins are deeply rooted in Yemen given its geographic proximity to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. There are heirloom varietals that are found nowhere else on Earth and this amazing coffee is a perfect example. Although given the Haraaz Red designation this particular coffee is comprised of three unique heirloom varieties, Ja'di, Jufaini, and Dawairi. You have the unique opportunity to taste one of coffee's oldest and more distinct lineage through with the purchase of this Yemeni coffee.

      • Country: Yemen
      • Region: Haraaz
      • Producer: Hasan Ghalib Saleh
      • Farm size: 1 hectare
      • Number of coffee trees: 2,500
      • Elevation: 2,000 meters
      • Varietals: Ja'di, Dawairi (heirloom)
      • Processing: Natural (Dry)
      • Drying: On raised beds for 21 to 28 days

      Cherry was harvested in early 2022 before it was sun dried on African drying beds. As with all Yemeni coffees this lot is considered natural which means it was dried in the husk without fermentation and then milled. Rajeh works with our notable exporter and this coffee goes through an arduous and transparent process that rewards the producer with the bulk of money raised from its sale.

      Producer - Hasan Ghalib Saleh al Oberaat

      Cup Characteristics: Aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. Flavors of cocoa, toffee, exotic spices, and green apple plus exotic spice notes germain to Yemeni coffee. A well structured cup with a big juicy flavor.

      Roasting Notes: Natural process coffees roast a bit quicker than washed. This, like some other naturals, produces considerable chaff when roasting so be aware of that. If your roaster controls allow for it, apply considerable heat heading into first crack in order to fully expand the beans and release their flavors. Immediately after first crack gets underway, reduce heat and stretch out development time. We like this coffee roasted to full city, preferring to pull the roast just as it begins second crack. However, taking it a little further into second crack will provide deeper tones, albeit at the expense of some floral notes. Roasting this coffee too light will deprive you of its potentially smooth body and some of the exotic flavors notes.