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      About Third Wave Water

      Water is 98.75% of a cup of coffee, thus almost as important as the coffee itself.  Water should be clean, free from chlorine and have the proper amount and kind of minerals for the roast. Achieve optimum extraction and taste your coffee like you intended.  Filtered water or even great tasting water can flatten your coffee and won't help your coffee taste amazing. The science behind brewing coffee is complicated and requires the right minerals, water buffer and more to create that perfect cup of coffee.

      • Reduce bitterness by adding all natural minerals in the right amount and proportions
      • Balanced water chemistry will compliment your coffee (pH and kH)


      Start with a gallon of distilled water, available at most supermarkets, and add one packet of Third Wave Water Medium Roast Profile. Shake thoroughly and brew your coffee.

      The proper alkalinity and water hardness will also help protect your brewer from lime scale buildup, if you have had a problem with that in the past.


      The Medium Roast Profile was created for medium roasted coffees, but what does this mean?.

      Balance. The Medium Roast Profile has double the alkalinity of the Classic Light Roast to help these types of coffee find a better balance between acidity within the ph. Coffee is considered a weak acid, but still requires a healthy level of alkalinity to avoid astringent flavors and unwanted aftertastes.

      This is our recommended water profile for cupping protocols. As shared in the latest white paper, the Medium Roast Profile provides a perfect balance for cupping anywhere in the world. From farm to cup, this is the magical water profile helping fuel the coffee industry to make sure we all get the best coffee possible.

      • The Medium Profile meets the SCA water requirements, ~70 TDS/kH of alkalinity and 150 TDS (total dissolvable solids).
      • Some key uses for the Medium Profile include: Cupping Protocols, Pour Overs, Batch Brewers, and Cold Brew.
      • All minerals are permanent hardness and helps protect your coffee brewing equipment, which is included in total hardness.

      Add 1 Third Wave Water stick to a gallon of distilled water.  Box contains 12 sticks.

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