Frieling 23 karat Plated Filter

Frieling 23 karat Plated Filter

Sorry, be we are temporarily out of stock. More are not expected until mid March.

About Frieling 23 karat Plated Filter

If you are in the market for a long-lasting and reliable filter basket, the Frieling 23 karat Gold Plated Filter is the way to go. Unlike paper filters, these permanent and genuine gold filters produce an excellent cup of coffee without trapping essential parts of the coffee in the filter or leaving behind muddy residue at the bottom of your cup like a French Press. Plated with pure 23 karat gold, these filters guarantee you a great, clean tasting cup of coffee all the time. With a 6-12 cup capacity, you can use this filter in any drip coffee maker and the smooth gold-plated finish makes it easy to clean.

Functionally, gold-tone filters will get the same job done as these genuine gold plated filters. But, the materials used here will have greater longevity, extra cleanliness, are non-reactive, and, a cool factor.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes fold out handle

Comes in #4 filter size only.