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    Solis Palazzo Super Automatic

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      Solis Palazzo Super Automatic


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      About Solis Palazzo Super Automatic

      The Solis Palazzo fully automatic espresso and coffee center is one of the most feature-rich machines on the market for the money. This Swiss work of art makes perfect espresso or coffee in about 30 seconds at the press of a button. The key feature of this machine is speed. Enjoy fully automated features that will have you making perfect espresso, coffee, lattes, caf� mochas, cappuccino, and other great coffeehouse drinks in the blink of an eye. You can have a coffee bar in your home or office without taking a lot of counter space because the Palazzo is compact and tucks easily under most overhead cabinets.

      Advanced features include programmable brewing options, adjustable coffee strength, the ability to use pre-ground coffee of your choice in addition to coffee beans (useful if you have decaffeinated beans in the hopper, but want a regular espresso/coffee), rapid switching between brewing and steaming functions, adjustable coffee grinder for fine tuning your espresso/coffee, special pre-brew coffee conditioning system and an automated cleaning system.

      Detailed Product Features:

      Automatic Espresso & Coffee Brewing � Easy To Operate

      The Palazzo was designed so that anyone, regardless of their experience could easily master the art of making great coffeehouse drinks. When the coffee button is pressed, the machine will grind just the right amount of coffee beans, place the grounds into the brewing system, extract your coffee or espresso, and clean up after itself in one complete step. The control panel has just 5 buttons, which include two programmable buttons for brewing (small coffee or espresso and a large coffee or espresso), steam/hot water activation button, and cleaning button. The knob on the side of the machine controls the flow of steam or instant hot water depending on what mode it is in. A series of lights show machine functions and modes.

      Rapid Steam System

      The Palazzo is equipped with a steam wand and milk-frothing tip that insures loads of foam for lattes and cappuccino. You can also remove the frothing tip and use the standard steam wand if you prefer to have more control over the consistency of the foam. The steam wand is conveniently located and swivels to accommodate frothing pitchers ranging from 12 oz. to 20 oz. in size.

      Within 10 seconds of turning on the steam knob, the Palazzo will be steaming at full power, and continue to produce steam as long as the water tank is full thanks to its advanced continuous steam boiler. As soon as the steam function is turned off, you can brew espresso or coffee without the normal cool down requirement common with other machines.

      The Palazzo is equipped with an instant hot water feature; by turning the steam/hot water knob on the right side of the machine, hot water will dispense from the steam wand. Use this feature for tea, Americano, and pre-warming or rinsing your cup.

      2 Programmable Buttons for Cup Selection

      Just two buttons control coffee brewing. One is for brewing a small cup of coffee or espresso and one is for larger cups of coffee or long espresso (known as a lungo). You can also program the volume of coffee that the machine will brew for each coffee button. This program will remain until it is changed, even if the power is turned off. By pressing the brew button once, the machine will make one espresso or coffee and if pressed twice, two shots of espresso or larger cup of coffee.

      Espresso, Cafe Cr�me or Coffee?

      The machine can do it so why not try making a Caf� Cr�me! It�s simple with the Solis Palazzo�s ability to adjust for the coarseness of the ground, allowing you to brew a Caf� Cr�me, often referred to as Swiss brewed coffee for the country that made it popular. Here�s the difference. Espresso uses a finer ground bean to create a dense pack that restricts the water flow through the grounds, hence the very strong, intense flavor. It also takes a little longer to brew, anywhere between 15 to 20 seconds for 1.5 ounces.

      For a Caf� Cr�me, (or crema coffee) a courser ground is needed, a simple adjustment on this great machine. This coarser ground allows for more water to pass through faster, resulting in a frothy layer of coffee that floats on the top, the crema. Aromatic and rich, it is not as intense a coffee as the espresso but equally delicious. Most people gracefully retire their drip coffee maker after they try caf� cr�me coffee from a super automatic espresso/coffee machine. This feature also makes the Palazzo a natural replacement for traditional coffee makers.

      Utilize the enormous flexibility of the this machine�s programming options by varying the water volume up to 7 ounces and the ability to use up to 9 grams of ground coffee per brewing cycle. By experimenting with the water volume and grams of ground coffee you can fine-tune your coffee and easily program these parameters into the memory.

      Pre-ground Coffee Option

      As if enjoying coffee brewed from freshly ground coffee beans wasn�t good enough, Solis added a feature to the Palazzo that permits you to add pre-ground coffee to a special funnel on top of the machine. If you want a decaffeinated cup of espresso or coffee and the machine only has regular beans in the hopper, simply pour in pre-ground coffee and then push the coffee brew button. The Palazzo will �bypass� the coffee grinding step and use the coffee you poured in instead. By having the by-pass feature you can sample other pre-ground espresso and flavored blends.

      Coffee Strength Function

      You can also adjust the dosage of ground coffee that the machine uses each time it makes a cup of coffee from 6-9 grams. The average shot of espresso uses about 7 grams of ground coffee.

      Pre-infusion Brew System

      Aroma and maximum flavor extraction is insured thanks to the pre-brew system. The two-step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions the ground coffee, which maximizes flavor extraction to increase the thick crema on your espresso. The Solis Palazzo accomplishes this by infusing (or presoaking) the fresh coffee grounds with a dash of hot water for 2 seconds. Thereafter, it completes the brewing process by infusing the remainder of the predetermined water through the coffee grounds. The result is a superior cup of espresso or coffee.

      Additional Product Features, Maintenance & Information

      Built in 2 Quart Water Tank

      The Palazzo has a large 2 quart water reservoir that can be removed for refilling. It sits on the back side of the machine and it can be removed easily, even under limited height overhead cabinets.

      A Powerful Pump For Great Flavor Extraction

      This 15 BAR pump delivers more than enough pressure to pull the maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee beans.

      Coffee Bean Storage & Internal Dump Box

      The coffee bean hopper holds up to � pounds of coffee beans. The machine can brew up to 15 cups of coffee or espresso before the internal coffee grounds waste box must be emptied. The dump box slides out the front of the machine.

      Heavy Duty Heating System

      The Palazzo comes with a durable 1250-watt boiler. Once it is warmed up, provides for continuous use or a lot of servings over a short time period.

      Adjustable Beverage Dispensing Nozzle

      What�s more, the spout where the coffee is dispensed is adjustable between 3 and 4 inches to accommodate small and large coffee cups.

      Heated Cup Stacking Surface

      The Palazzo has a very helpful feature. It is important to always serve your espresso in warm cups. Espresso is subject to room temperatures and quickly cools once it is brewed. The cup-warming shelf on top of the machine keeps your espresso cups warm and ready to go.

      Automated Self-Clean System & Maintenance

      In order to keep the inside of your machine healthy, the Palazzo features an automated computer controlled cleaning and descaling program. Scale buildup from naturally occurring minerals in your water can build up on sensitive components like the inside of the boiler, which left unchecked can cause considerable damage to the machine. By descaling your machine every two-three months, your machine will last for many trouble-free years.

      The Palazzo will tell you when cleaning is needed. After 250 cups of coffee have been made, a light will illuminate to signal that it�s time to activate the self-clean system. After adding our cleaner, just press the clean button. The machine will take it from there. Descaling and general cleaning is important even if you have a sophisticated water filter system, and especially if you use well water.

      General maintenance is simple. Weekly rinsing of the internal brewing system; which removes in just a few seconds and rinses under the faucet, descaling 3-4 times per year and occasional emptying of the drip pan that slides from the front of the machine are all it takes to keep your Palazzo running smooth.

      Installation & Accessories

      The Palazzo comes completely self-contained to make all of your favorite drinks. A cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, water hardness test kit, brew system maintenance tool, and detailed step-by-step instructions are also included.

      Service & Support

      All Solis products are offered with an unlimited toll free technical support service. If you have any questions or need help, just call the number provided in your help guide. The product comes with a limited one-year parts and labor warranty for home or office use.

      Solis Palazzo Specifications

      • Colors: Silver with black side panels
      • Size: 14.4" x H x 11�W x 17.8�D
      • Weight: 24 pounds
      • Power: 1250 watts � 10.4 amps
      • Body Material: Steel and plastic
      • Warranty: One year limited warranty
      • Support: Unlimited toll free technical support
      • Manufactured in Switzerland