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    Panama Bambito Estate

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      Panama Bambito Estate


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      About Panama Bambito Estate

      Arrived October 2023, in grainpro bags.  Directly traded.

      We are thrilled to be able to offer coffee from Bambito Estate - during the Best of Panama competition a couple of years ago the owner of Roastmasters (and international judge), Barry Levine gave the farm his highest score during the blind cupping portion. The lot in question went on to win 3rd place in the Washed Geisha category, and buyers quickly snapped up any other available coffee lots. That same year we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase some of their excellent Caturra/Catuai, and not a moment too soon as the farm won 1st place in the Washed Geisha category this year, and sold at auction for over $1500 a pound. 

      Of course, not all of their production is expensive, award-winning Geisha.  They also produce more down-to-earth traditional varietals like Caturra and Catuai Bourbons as well as Typicas. In 2021/2022 there was not enough coffee to go over around due to an extremely small crop and an abundance of eager customers. But this season, we reached out again to Bambito and, after sampling their various coffee, selected this Caturra/Catuai combination, taken by its sweet and clean flavor profile.

      Multiple generations carry on the tradition of Bambito Estate

      Bambito Estate Coffee has been in the same family since the early 1900s. Alberto Sitton Rios acquired the farm from his father in 1945 in the mountains of Bambito, Chiriqui Province, Panama. The farm in Bambito was Alberto's passion as it was his way to continue a family tradition. Nowadays, Bambito continues to be a family business, in its fourth and fifth generation.

      The coffee plantation is at an altitude between 1,660 and 1,800 meters, located between ewo national forest parks and crossed by two mountain ridges from east to west, creating two natural microclimates. These ridges protect the coffee trees from the summer north winds. The farm also has two water springs, which are the main source of water for the wetmill.  Bambito has its own greenhouse and cupping room. The greenhouse is used to preserve coffee tree genetics and maintain a young plantation. The coffee process byproducts such as the pulp (skin) are used as a source of organic fertilizer. The cupping room is used for quality control.  Bambito is committed to providing a healthy and social work environment, respectful of the land and the source of their outstanding coffee. They incorporate the community in a Social Responsibility Program, providing breakfast during the school year to the nearby elementary school students. Bambito also organizes a Christmas gathering during the holidays where they provide food and gifts to the whole community.

      This lot is a mix of Caturra and Catuai. Catuai is a varietal developed in the mid-twentieth century, a cross between the Mondo Novo and Caturra varietals, both of which were created by selective cross-breeding programs. Mondo Novo was the result of combining Bourbon and Typica varietals, and Caturra is a combination of two Red Bourbon mutations. It is fully washed, meaning the outer skin and pulp (fruit surrounding the coffee husk) are totally removed during milling before being sun dried on patios.

      • Producer: Itza Priscilla Sitton Vega de Amar
      • Farm: Bambito Estate
      • Township: Cerro Punta
      • District: Tierras Altas
      • Province: Chiriqui
      • Altitude: 1600-1800masl
      • Coffee Variety: Caturra and Catuai
      • Processing: Washed

      Cup Characteristics:  Aromas of sugar cane, brown sugar, butterscotch and toast.  Flavors: Sweet candied red fruits. Concord grape, black currant, bittersweet chocolate, nutmeg. Clean, round body with silky finish. Well prepared and processed coffee from a top farm that has only gotten better in recent years.

      Roasting Notes: The preferred roasting range of this coffee is City+ to Full City. The delicate qualities will be present throughout this range, with lighter variations highlighting piquant notes. Full City will enhance body.