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    Moccamaster KM5 Grinder

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      About Moccamaster KM5 Grinder

      Now, the KM5 Burr Coffee Grinder is a beautiful and very capable companion to Moccamaster coffeemakers, acclaimed around the world.  It carries the same 5 year warranty as Moccamaster brewers, unmatched by any manufacturer.  And like Moccamaster  coffeemakers, these burr grinders are handmade in The Netherlands at the Technivorm factory, insuring you the finest level of quality construction. 

      We are offering the grinder currently in polished silver.  It will soon be available in matte white and black.

      When Technivorm founder Gerard Clement Smit debuted his original coffee grinder in 1965 (not this KM5) it was revolutionary because it was the first electric coffee grinder designed for home use.  The Moccamaster KM5 Burr Coffee Grinder continues this legacy of quality.  Its precision engineering allows you to grind your preferred coffee beans to an exact, uniform size.  When combined with Moccamaster's optimal temperature and brewing time, the combination delivers perfectly ground and brewed coffee every time.

      Certified by the European Coffee Brewing Centre to meet the strict standards for grinding.

      Grinding Excellence: ECBC Approved

      A coffee grinder approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) must produce consistent, high-quality coffee grounds. The ECBC evaluates coffee grinders across criteria ranging from grinding quality to ease of use. These criteria include:


      A coffee's quality can degrade if heated during the grinding process. Grinders must keep the coffee at a consistent temperature, never heating it.


      For even extraction while brewing, the grinder must produce grounds in uniform particle size with minimal variations.


      The grinder must produce a consistent grind size at all setting - from fine to coarse.


      The grinder must reproduce the exact same results grind after grind.

      The ECBC-approved KM5 Burr Grinder meets these criteria with every use, producing perfect grounds that reveal the real taste of coffee as the grower and roaster intended.

      What Sets the KM5 Burr Grinder Apart?

       1.     50 MM FLAT STEEL BURRS

      Durable flat steel burrs deliver a highly precise and uniform grind and are built to last for years to come.


      The stepless knob allows for the finest adjustments of the burrs, providing the exact grind size you need for a range of brewing methods.


      The powerful, direct-drive motor runs quietly and efficiently, grinding 60 grams of coffee in less than 30 seconds.


      The spout is designed with an internal mechanism that reduces static for a cleaner grinding experience.

      5.     SEAL AND STORE

      The glass container includes a storage lid to keep leftover coffee fresh.

      This grinder is designed to produce uniform particles but is not intended to produce the very fine particles of some espresso machines.  The grinder setting intended for brewing with Moccamaster coffeemakers is number 5 on the dial, although users may prefer anything in the 4 to 6 range.  The replaceable grinding burrs can last a very long time.  For the average user making one full pot a day using the recommended 69 grams of coffee for the 40 ounce brew, will use roughly 55 pounds of coffee a year.  The burrs are expected to last for 10 or more years at that level of use.  Your usage will vary with volume.

      The KM5 grinder is covered by the wonderful Technivorm Moccamaster 5 year warranty.
      Every Moccamaster product is guaranteed for 5 years and can be repaired for life.