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    Additional Moccamaster Thermal Carafe

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      Additional Moccamaster Thermal Carafe


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      About Additional Moccamaster Thermal Carafe

      As of early 2023 all Moccamaster thermal carafes are stainless on the outside and heat-retaining borosilicate glass lined.  These carafes will keep your coffee hot for hours.

      This original replacement stainless steel, glass-lined thermal carafe is compatible with KBT, KBGT, CDGT, and CDT models, and holds 1.25 liters or 40 oz of coffee. The carafe comes with two lids - a travel lid and a brew-thru lid - each constructed of BPA, BPS, BPF, & phthalate-free plastics.

      For decades Moccamaster carafes for thermal models were 'vacuum bottles' with stainless in and out. During manufacturing a vacuum gets created by removing air between inner and outer layers. This works fine until an event compromises the vacuum and then the heat keeping qualities disappear.  With glass lined carafes, heat retention is better and lasts longer. Glass is also easier to keep clean, resulting in better tasting coffee. The only downside is that a drop is likely to break the liner. 

      Free Ground Shipping in 48 US contiguous states. This is the carafe that now comes with any of the Technivorm 1.25 liter thermal carafe brewers. If you need a replacement carafe or want to have an extra one around this is the original equipment.

      Height is 9.5 inches with the serving lid screwed on; width is 5.5 inches at the base, about 7 inches at the widest point including the handle. For best heat retention be sure to rinse it with hot water before filling with coffee. Alternately, can be used as a carafe for any hot or cold liquid.



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