Kenya AA Nyeri

Kenya AA Nyeri

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About Kenya AA Nyeri

Arrived May 2016, new crop, in grainpro. Kenya AA is one of the world's best coffees and often the choice of experienced coffee roasters and cognoscenti. Kenya AA is the country's top grade, although small auction lots and individual plantation coffees can be separated for sale and, in fact, we often have such lots. This affordable Kenya AA Nyeri is from one of the principal growing regions but comprised of multiple "top lots" combined. It offers a wonderfully aromatic and complex coffee at a good price. We strive to always have a high quality AA grade Kenya.

There have been a number of political issues surrounding coffee from Nyeri because it is generally so prized. The governor of Nyeri attempted to control the marketplace several years ago by moving all milling to one central and government run facility in an effort to maximize revenue. This met with objection throughout the growing, exporting and roasting communities and the program has largely failed.

This Kenya coffee comes from the Nyeri County and is comprised of a combination of any small farms with main Bourbon varietals SL28, SL34 as well as some Ruiru 11. The altitudes range up to 2000 meters where the coffee is fully washed before being dried on traditional raised beds.

Cup Characteristics: Flavors of tobacco with savory notes. Jammy with pomegranate and red wine acidity. Kenya AA coffees are marked by black-currant or berry flavors with lots of structure and complexity. There is a backbone of dry, red wine.

Roasting Notes: Kenya can be roasted successfully to various roast levels due to the bean density and high elevations where grown. Light roasting, midway between 1st and 2nd crack will produce a more acidic, delicate and flavorful cup; taken to 2nd crack the body becomes considerably more emphasized and the acidity plays a lesser role. But Kenya AA can also be roasted beyond 2nd crack to dark roasted, caramelized levels because there is considerable inherit natural sugar, acidity and bean hardness.

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