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    Ethiopia Harrar Grade 1 Natural

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      Ethiopia Harrar Grade 1 Natural


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      About Ethiopia Harrar Grade 1 Natural

      Latest arrival April 2016 in grainpro. Ethiopia Harrar Grade 1 Natural is a rarity. We have not seen grading of Harrars higher than a grade 3 in many years nor have purchased one until this terrific lot came along. Typically there are a lot of quakers mixed in with natural processed coffee from the region, which are immature cherries. Quakers create inconsistent roasts and detract from flavor. But, this grade 1 Harrar reminds us of what it is really supposed to taste like and is a throwback to past greatness. This coffee has almost zero defects and presents a lovely, well balanced cup as well as a visually attractive roast.

      Harrar is a much beloved region in Ethoipia, grown high at 1800 meters and is an heirloom varietal. Due to the location and lack of available water for processing the region produces only natural coffees. This means that the coffee cherry remains intact during the drying process, imparting the inherent fruitiness into the coffee bean. The length of drying, prevailing breezes, amount of sun and shade determine how long the drying process takes and how much fruit taste penetrates to the inner beans.

      The quality of coffee from Harrar has not been very impressive in recent years but this particular harvest shows a high level of quality control was involved in sorting and processing, giving way to a quality coffee improved to Grade 1.

      City: Harrar
      District (Woreda): Mesela
      Altitude: 1800 meters - 5900 feet
      Varietals: Heirloom, Longberry
      Process: Natural

      Cup Characteristics: Background cherry notes. Flavors begin with cherry and finish lemony. Milk chocolate mouthfeel. A bright and fruity coffee with a deep, spicy flavor. It has medium/heavy body, sweet aroma and chocolate finish. Mild fruit penetration from dry processing is not at all overbearing. This is a wonderful coffee with taste aspects of authentic Mocha but with a softer finish.

      Roasting Notes: Lends itself to a variety of roasts. At City+ the cherry and lemon character is best preserved, but as you roast this coffee a bit darker, it will present more body and chocolate mouthfeel. You may wish to experiment by taking the roast to the outset of second crack. Buy enough to try a variety of roasts. We are always interested in your feedback.