Hario V60 Buono Kettle

Hario V60 Buono Kettle

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About Hario V60 Buono Kettle

The Hario Buono kettle has a long, slender spout for slow pouring and directional control when making pour-over drip coffee. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Hario filter cones. A slow, steady stream of hot water can first be applied to allow coffee to "bloom". After half a minute or so, continue pouring in a slow, gentle circular motion with care not to pour at the edges where the ground coffee meets the filter.

This kettle is made of brushed stainless steel and has a really interest looking design based on its functionality. You will find it an instrument part of drip brewing.

The Hario Buono kettle holds 1200 ml of water, roughly 40 ounces. It can used on stovetop and is dishwasher safe.

6" tall
11.75" end to end