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    Guatemala Finca Rosma - Cup of Excellence

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      Guatemala Finca Rosma - Cup of Excellence


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      About Guatemala Finca Rosma - Cup of Excellence

      Finca Rosma has twice been in the rarified top 10 winners of Guatemala Cup of Excellence. This year they were awarded 8th place and in 2010 2nd place. It is a real sign of pedigree to get into this group in multiple years especially when considering the many hundreds of coffees initially entered into competiton and the multiple rounds of cupping by national and international judges that coffees must go through to make its way to the top group.

      Finca Rosma was inherited by its founder and current owner Dr. Fredy Morales Merida who began cultivating and managing the land twenty years ago. The farm is located in the Sierra Los Cuchumantes region of Guatemala, known for its treacherous terrain and very high altitudes. Finca Rosma sits at an elevation of 4,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level. One of the most notable achievements of the owner was the building of a proper road, not just giving the farm better access but also its neighbors. Another achievement was the acquisition of a natural water spring, roughly 5 kilometers from the farm which facilitated and improved irrigation techniques. Both of these initiatives were necessary foundations for the successful farm that exists today.

      While the terrain of the farm was difficult to work with the owner not only built the plantation, but was also able to establish a processing mill on site, which has since become one of the highlights of the property. The farm is relatively new with the first crop being planted in 1982. Currently they are growing a number of varieties including Catuai, Caturra, Villa Sarchi, Typica, and Bourbon.

      To process the coffee they use an ecologic wet mill. After processing the coffee is strictly sun dried. To preserve soil and biodiversity the plantation is shade grown which is beneficial to the entire plantation, its native forest and wildlife.

      Finca Rosma has been identified as a sustainable farm meeting the two basic criteria of environmental and social responsibility. The farm also provides housing, schools, and medical assistance to employees. In an effort to preserve soil and bio diversity the farm is fully shade grown which is beneficial to the farm, native forest and wildlife.

      The coffee itself has been highly regarded over the years and in 2010 Guatemala Cup of Excellence competition took the #2 ranking with a score of 89.8 by the judges.

      Producer: Dr. Fredy Morales Merida
      Region: San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango
      Elevation: 5,000 feet above sea level
      Total bags produced: About 235
      Total area: 13 hectares

      Cup Characteristics: Vanilla, honey and hints of jasmine in the aroma. Flavors of berry, caramel, citrus and chocolate. Bright acidity with juicy apple notes. Well rounded, complex and creamy in the cup with a long and buttery finish.

      Roasting Notes: High grown hard, dense and durable coffee that would be best roasted lightly to preserve its delicacy. That being said the bean can withstand darker roasts. Our advise is have the completed before second crack gets under way.