Great Eight Coffee Sampler

Great Eight Coffee Sampler


About Great Eight Coffee Sampler

The Great Eight Coffee Sampler is an excellent way to explore the vast variety of tastes from the different coffee producing regions around the world. Our sampler includes eight one-half pounds of coffee, four pounds total, representing an outstanding assortment of coffee from every major growing area (Central America, South America, Africa, Indonesia, etc.)

All coffee are regular (non-decaffeinated) and are selected by us. If you would like all decafs, or a mix of regular and decaf, please indicate the number of decafs you would like in the "special instructions" area during checkout.

Great Eight Samplers are $20 and they are a terrific way to experiment with a new roaster. Only $15 (save $5) when ordered with selected home roasters. One sampler per order please.