Baratza Forte AP Grinder

Baratza Forte AP Grinder

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About Baratza Forte AP Grinder

The Forté© AP (All Purpose) grinder can grind from coarse to fine and comes with a 54mm flat ceramic burr, grounds bin for use when grinding by weight, plus a portaholder for use when grinding directly to your portafilter.

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The Forté© AP is a compact, commercial grade grinder, dedicated to grinding for ALL brew methods. The Forté© AP incorporates many features that fit well into commercial operations, including: all metal construction , small footprint , intuitive control panel , and solid macro/micro adjustment.The Forté© - AP offers the ability to grind by time, for espresso dosing, or by weight. Coffee professionals find the Forté© AP to be a versatile grinder for many situations – as a small restaurant and office espresso/brew grinder, as a Roaster demo grinder for wholesale tasting, or being a dedicated grinder for decaf or single origin in a café.

The Forté© AP is a durable workhorse using a 54mm flat ceramic burr , which produces an accurate and precise grind, delivering exceptional cup quality for brew methods from espresso to press pot. We re designed the guts of the Vario - W for commercial use. The Forté© AP design includes a grinding assembly with a threaded burr holder which screws firmly into an all - metal grinding chamber for a more accurate grind. A larger gear to belt ratio, combined with a more efficient DC motor, increases the speed of grind and duty cycle.

Intuitive Interface : The Forté© AP allows you to dose by weight or time. Our signature dose - by - weight is accurate to plus or minus .2 gram . The touch activation awakens your screen with LED backlit technology. The touch screen controls all operations with three programmable dose presets; Up or Down arrows to increase or decrease dose values; TARE, MANUAL, START or STOP. rev. 9/13

Espresso Dosing : A unique feature of the Forté© AP is the ability to convert a weight preset into a timed value that is accurate within plus or minus .5 grams of the set point . This allows for weight - oriented dosing for espresso.

Burrs : The Forté© AP grinder comes with 54mm ceramic flat burrs for accurate and precise grinding. The Forté© AP grinds at an average of 2.0g/sec for espresso and 3.5 to 3.7g/sec for press pot. The range of grind is 230 to 1150 microns.

Adjustment/Grind Range : An all - metal macro and micro adjustment system produces a positive feel and secure grind setting. The macro - adjust moves from fine to coarse grinding in 10 distinct and repeatable settings. A secondary micro - adjust further divides each of the 10 macro steps into 26 distinct settings. These steps, plus the new metal detents, enable fine - tuning with ease, dialing in the exact grind for the preferred brew method being used.

Hopper : The hopper holds approximately 300g of coffee. An innovative bean shutoff feature in the collar permits no - mess, no - fuss hopper removal for changing out beans. Bean “waste” (below the stopper) averages a surprisingly low 10g, once the hopper has been shut off (all weights are bean density dependent). A hopper extension is available that can add an additional 250g of capacity.

Recalibrating Burrs : The Forté© AP is calibrated at the factory to ensure an accurate range of grind. If necessary, the Forté© AP burrs can be easily recalibrated using the special calibration tool that comes with the grinder

Cleaning Burrs : Burrs can easily be removed for cleaning using the cast zinc tool that is included with your Forté©.

Accessories : Hopper extender: An extension that can add 250g of capacity to the existing 300g bean hopper. Several extenders can be added to get to the capacity you need. Forté© AP


  • Speed to Grind: Espresso 2 g/sec, Press 3.5 to 3.7 g/sec
  • Burrs: 54 mm ceramic burrs by Ditting
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 10 oz (300 - 400 g), depending on size & density of bean
  • Grounds Bin Capacity: 4.5 oz. (120 g)
  • Weight: 13 lbs. (6 kg)
  • Dimensions WxHxD cm: 13x36x18 cm
  • Power Rating (North America): 110 V AC 50/60 Hz.2.3 Amp
  • Power Rating (Other): 230 V AC 50/60 Hz. 1.2 Amp
  • Safety Listing: UL/CSA/CE/EK
  • Designed & Engineered: Seattle, WA

Burr removal tool

Ceramic Burr(s)

Forte User Manual