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    Costa Rica Santa Teresa Cedral

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      Costa Rica Santa Teresa Cedral


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      About Costa Rica Santa Teresa Cedral

      Latest arrival February 2020 in Grain-Pro. This is the second time we are offering coffee from Finca Cedral, in Dota, Tarrazu. The owner of the farm, Roger Ureña Hidalgo, also owns the wetmill where the coffee was processed, Santa Teresa 2000. Roger is a third generation coffee producer, and grew up helping out on his father's coffee and dairy farm. He worked for a while in the US, to save up enough money to purchase more coffee plantations and expand his existing one. Around three years ago he decided to set up a coffee mill on one of his farms, Finca Santa Teresa, to get better prices for his coffee and focus on quality. In addition to Finca Cedral and Santa Teresa, Roger owns 10 other farms, and plants a large number of varietals. Two of his coffees won awards in the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence last year: a washed geisha from Santa Teresa came in at #10, and a typica mejorado honey from Finca Las Nubes took the #19 spot.

      This coffee from Finca Cedral is 100% Washed Catuai, a varietal developed in the mid-twentieth century. Catuai is a cross between the Mondo Novo and Caturra varietals, both of which were created by selective cross-breeding programs. Mondo Novo was the result of combining Bourbon and Typica varietals, and Caturra is a combination of two Red Bourbon mutations.

      • Province: San Jose
      • Canton: Dota
      • District: Santa Maria
      • Altitude: 2000 meters above sea level
      • Coffee variety: Catuai
      • Processing: Fully Washed
      • Farm: Finca Cedral

      Cup Characteristics: Flavors of fig jam and red apple. A buttery smooth body and lemon acidity. An extremely well balanced cup with acidity and body in ideal proportion.

      Roasting Notes: Preferred roasting range is City+ to Full City. The delicate qualities will be present throughout this range, with lighter variations highlighting piquancy and citrus notes. Full City will enhance body.