Ethiopia Gedeo Worka Natural FTO

Ethiopia Gedeo Worka Natural FTO

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About Ethiopia Gedeo Worka Natural FTO

Arrived October 2016. Produced in the Gedeo region of northern Yirgacheffe bordering on Sidamo, this coffee is collected from area small farms and processed at the Worka cooperative. Gedeo Worka is both Fair Trade and Organically certified. The cooperative was established in 2005 and currently has about 500 memebers.

This is a highly mountainous area of Ethiopia, famous as one of the great coffee origins. Varietals here are numerous heirloom types, many still uncatalogued. Elevations range from 1800 to 1900 meters, making it one of the highest coffee growing areas on earth. At the highest elevations frost is a potential threat to the trees. Gedeo borders on Sidamo to its immediate north, Guji to the southeast and Amaro to its southwest, all part of Yirgacheffe.

This is a natural, dry-processed coffee, meaning the coffee cherry is dried in its entirety on raised African beds, where it is turned periodically. Careful drying practices produce clean, deep flavors.

Single origin espresso candidate: This coffee is a good choice as a single origin espresso as are top quality dry-processed coffees. We recommend a lighter roast and, along with proper espresso extraction, this coffee will show its complex rich berry fruit.

Cup Characteristics: Very pronounced berry complex with blueberry, blackberry and strawberry showing. But also citrus, lemony. Lush coffee with depth and layered structure. Floral and berry flavors and fragrance. Vibrant, distinct cup.

Roasting Notes: Gedeo Worka lends itself to a variety of roasts. At City+ the lemony character is best preserved, but as you roast this coffee a bit darker, it will present more body and chocolate mouthfeel.


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