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    Ethiopia Mormora Estate Natural

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      Ethiopia Mormora Estate Natural


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      About Ethiopia Mormora Estate Natural

      Arrived early December in Grainpro.

      We have been fans of Ethiopian natural processed coffees for years, especially ones the Guji Zone, like this coffee from Mormora Estate. While most coffees from Ethiopia come from washing stations or cooperatives, this coffee comes from a single estate, located about 20 km from the town of Shakisso. The farm is semi-forested and covered by indigenous trees. Like most of the Ethiopian coffee we offer, this lot is composed of heirloom varietals; descendents of wild growing coffee plants, most of which have not been classified, but evolved and well adapted to their surroundings.

      This coffee is naturally processed, also known as dry processing, where the skin and pulp of the coffee cherry are not removed prior to drying. This process takes a much longer time than washed processing, and varies depending on humidity, temperature and amount of sunlight. Cherries are dried on African style raised beds for proper airflow all around and the coffee itself must be frequently turned - the Mormora Estate turns its natural coffee at least twice an hour for even drying. When the desired moisture content is achieved the dried cherries are milled down to the internal seed or bean. The sweet, fruity mucillage of the cherry penetrates the inner beans during this process, leaving a very noticeable fruitiness that can range from mild to extreme.

      • Regional State: Oromia
      • Administrative Zone: Guji
      • Woreda (District): Shakisso
      • Altitude: 1800-2000 Meters above sea level
      • Coffee variety: Heirloom
      • Coffee Grade: Grade 1
      • Processing: Natural

      Cup Characteristics: Flavors of rose water, cane sugar, berries and peach with citrus notes.

      Roasting Notes: Natural processed coffees roast more quickly than washed coffee and usually produce more chaff. Roast slowly to develop a fuller profile and pull the roast before second crack, though some may prefer to go a little further. On a Behmor try P3 as a starting point.