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    Ekobrew Elite Stainless Reusable Filter

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      Ekobrew Elite Stainless Reusable Filter


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      About Ekobrew Elite Stainless Reusable Filter

      If single serve electric brewers are your preferred method of enjoying coffee, the Ekobrew Elite stainless steel filter basket is the most environmentally and user friendly one on the market. With a low tamp dispersion cone for even wetting of coffee grounds, a smooth and easy to clean stainless surface, and a sturdy silicon seal, the Ekobrew Elite produces a fine cup of coffee time and again. This filter has a higher capacity than the original Ekobrew and the all-metal hinges resist breakage from regular use. It is compatible with most Keurig 1-Kup brewers and allows you to insert and remove without the hassle of taking out the filter holster. This is a well designed product.

      • Save money - using your own coffee costs a lot less than buying premade disposable filters.
      • Free yourself from expensive, pre-manufactured disposable packages while letting you decide which coffee you want to brew.
      • Use the coffee of your choice. The result is fresher, better coffee.
      • Less waste! Less environmental impact. Disposable filters wind up in landfills.
      • Pays for itself quickly.

      • Heat resistant grips on each side
      • 100% BPA free