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    Ecuador Finca Arashi Typica Mejorado

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      Ecuador Finca Arashi Typica Mejorado


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      About Ecuador Finca Arashi Typica Mejorado

      Arrived mid January 2024, new crop, in Grainpro liners. This coffee is from the same farm and varietal that won the 2021 Ecuador Cup of Excellence, the only time to date that it has been held.

      Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador, the verdant expanse of Finca Arashi is meticulously managed by Abel Salinas, a seasoned 58-year-old, and a first-generation coffee cultivator. Perched at an elevation of 1,890 meters above sea level, this agricultural haven spans 7 hectares, providing a nurturing habitat for approximately 22,000 coffee trees. The focal point of this thriving plantation is the cultivation of exotic Typica Mejorado, although Abel also tends to the growth of Sidra and H1 Hybrid varieties as well.  Loja is an extremely mountainous area of southern Ecuador, close to the equator and high in the Andes.The southern section of Ecuador has Peru to its south and east. Saraguro has a rich and preserved heritage and indigenous community dating back centuries.

      Abel's dedication to his craft is evident in the intricate process of crafting his Typica Mejorado Washed lot. He begins with the meticulous de-pulping of the coffee and follows through with a precise 24-hour dry fermentation. After washing, there is a 15-day drying period in the greenhouse, where conditions can be controlled.

      The roots of Abel's agricultural prowess can be traced back to his parents, hard-working farmers whose legacy paved the way for his own journey. Raised amid the bounty of fertile lands, Abel's childhood was also unfortunately interwoven with adversities that, despite their challenges, only served to strengthen their familial bond. This enduring spirit of unity in overcoming obstacles is a cherished value that Abel carries with him to this day. When accepting the first place award in 2021, Abel said, "My parents were always farmers, that's where I inherited my love for the land. As a child I saw many difficulties, but we were always united and I have carried that until now. My parents were not coffee growers, my love for coffee has been born since I sowed, as an adult, my first coffee plant on my own Arashi field. From there I am in love and proud to be a coffee grower. Now coffee is my life. To have reached the first place in this 2021 Ecuador Cup of Excellence contest, is for me a source of immense joy, but at the same time, a very great responsibility".

      • Farm: Finca Arashi
      • Producer: Abel Salinas Pacheco
      • Region: Loja, Ecuador
      • Elevation: 1893 meters
      • Varietal: Typica Mejorado
      • Processing: Fully washed

      Typica Mejorado is a relatively new variety originally developed at a coffee breeding facility in Pichincha province, north of Quito, the country's capital. It was developed in tandem with another up-and-coming variety, Sidra. Typica Mejorado is similar in appearance to Geisha and is known for its sweetness. The name of the variety is misleading as it is not a Typica derivation; it is believed that word was added as it related to the sensory experience rather than its genetics.  Genetically, it is a Bourbon crossed with an heirloom Ethiopia variety.  It is a low yielding plant so it is grown when quality is the objective and not quantity. In addition to Abel's first place win at the Cup of Excellence, the third and fourth place winners also entered Typica Mejorado.

      Abel's inauguration into the world of coffee production commenced around the year 2000. A stint as a miner in the Costa region occupied part of his year, but personal health reasons necessitated a return home to his ancestral farm.
      Exploring diverse avenues, he ventured into cattle and fruit production. A life-changing turning point came when Abel witnessed the triumph of a local producer, someone he had assisted in planting the first coffee trees back in February 2016. Encouraged by this success story, Abel embarked on his specialty coffee journey, a decision that would etch his name in the history of Loja's agricultural acclaim.

      These days, Abel Salinas stands as a renowned figure in the region, adorned with the laurels of victory for securing Ecuador's 2021 Cup of Excellence. His journey, a story of dedication, resilience, and a love for the craft, stands testament to the unyielding spirit of a true coffee artisan.

      Cup Characteristics: Aromas of honey, raisin and raspberry, followed by sweet cream and butter. Flavors are bergamot, nougat and almond. Succulent, juiciness in the cup.

      Roasting Notes: This is a high grown, dense bean that will withstand lighter and darker roasting. To retain the dryness it is recommended to pull before 2nd crack, but the bean lends itself to darker roasts to highlight the bold character of the coffee.