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    Colombia Finca Vegas del Chuscal

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      Colombia Finca Vegas del Chuscal


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      About Colombia Finca Vegas del Chuscal

      Finca Vegas del Chuscal is run by Nelson Fabio Cordoba in Huila. Sitting at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level, the farm also produces avocados, passion fruit, dragon fruit and peaches. Of the seven hectares dedicated to coffee production, 4 are planted with Tabi, 2 with Caturra, and 1 with Variedad Colombia. The Tabi plots are relatively new, being a sub-varietal of Variedad Colombia (which is itself a cross between Caturra and Timor Hybrid).

      This lot on offer is mostly Caturra, with a small amount of Variedad Colombia mixed in. Both varieties are picked and and processed separately. This is done because the Variedad Colombia can bear more hours of fermentation. That variety is fermented for 12-24 hours after picking, then de-pulped and further fermented for 20-24 hours. The Caturra, by contrast, is de-pulped immediately after arriving at the wet mill, dry fermented for 20-24 hours, and then washed. After this processing the coffees are taken to a greenhouse to dry for 10-15 days. This is a limited coffee lot; only 7 bags were produced, of which we reserved four.

      All of the pulping and fermentation is done at Nelson's wet mill, one of the first Ecomills in the country. This kind of mill not only allows him to use very little water during the washing process, but also collects coffee mucilage during the washing process; it is added to the de-pulped cherries which speeds up the composting process.

      • Region (Department): Huila
      • Province: Southern Province
      • City: Palestina
      • Altitude: 1800 Meters
      • Coffee variety: Mostly Caturra, small amount of Variedad Colombia
      • Processing: Washed

      Cup Characteristics: Bright, exotic and spicy. A savory profile of sundried tomato and tamari.  An umami flavor experience.

      Roasting Notes: A very high grown, dense bean will respond best to significant early heat and slow development time. Suitable for all roast levels, but we like it best on the lighter side, up to second crack, to bring out the more delicate flavors and piquant acidity.