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    Colombia Narino Henry Martinez microlot

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      Colombia Narino Henry Martinez microlot


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      About Colombia Narino Henry Martinez microlot

      Just arrived mid December 2023 in grainpro lined sacks. This is the first offering we have had from this producer.

      Ask Henry Martinez to describe the coffee industry and he will tell you, “Coffee is a blessing for all of us” and that he owes everything he has to hard work and coffee. He can recall good years and bad years, but is quick to note that lately the bad years are overwhelming the good ones. Coffee prices have been very low even though the cost of production keeps climbing. To combat this, he has turned his attention toward higher quality coffee where he can earn more for his work.

      After marrying his wife Ricardina, Henry bought La Mina from his father. Through hard work and carefully managed expenses, he was able to pay off the farm in two years. While he originally planted Caturra varietals, after 5 years of experience growing them, how susceptible that variety was to leaf rust.

      Now La Mina is planted with Castillo varietals and focused on the production of specialty coffee, as Henry sees this as an important opportunity to reduce the volatility of coffee prices. He knows that if he can develop strong relationships with customers over time, he can concentrate on his craft without worrying if he is going to break even at the end of the harvest.  Coffees of this quality earn considerably more income for him.

      •   Country: Colombia
      •   Producer: Henry Martinez
      •   Farm: La Mina
      •   Region: Narino
      •   Village: Buesaco
      •   Altitude: 1,960 meters (6,450 feet)
      •   Varietal: Castillo
      •   Harvest: 2023
      •   Processing: Washed. Dried in a covered patio
      Producer Henry Martinez

      Narino is the southwestern most department (State) of Colombia, just north of Ecuador and bordered by the Pacific Ocean to its west. Buesaco, where La Mina is located, is in the far eastern part of Narino, high in the Andes.  As you travel inland from the Pacific, elevations climb sharply from sea level to those over 2,000 meters. During the 1980s and 1990s violence was commonplace in the area due to drug trafficking, and sadly, such fear and difficulty has begun to reappear. Growing coffee, especially quality driven coffee, is an arduous and sometimes dangerous pursuit, yet producers like Franklin continue to strive for excellence in their coffee as a way to care for their families.

      Limited availability!

      Cup Characteristics:  Bright and crisp with some pleasant tartness. Flavors of stone fruit including nectarine, as well as red grapes. Lingering finish.

      Roasting Notes: Due to the high altitude that this coffee is grown at the beans are small and dense. To showcase the flavor profile we recommend pulling before second crack, but the bean is durable enough to withstand a darker roast if desired.