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    Colombia Narino Esteban Durango

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      Colombia Narino Esteban Durango


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      About Colombia Narino Esteban Durango

      Arrived the very end of February 2022 in GrainPro. This coffee arrived in the US in January.

      El Cajon is located in the Narino Region of South Western Colombia near the Ecuadorian border. Colombian coffee production is often a mix of large scale commercial producers but also very small individual land owners who care greatly for their own coffees. In total there are over 250,000 small coffee farmers throughout the country.

      Esteban Durango lives with his wife Graciela and daughter Elizabeth on the 1 hectare parcel where their coffee is grown. Mr. Durango is a perfect example of Colombia's move to shift away from an agrarian economy based on drug production to one based on coffee export. As internal tensions have calmed, between government forces and guerillas, farmers like Mr. Durango were able to take advantage of government sponsored programs geared towards citizens who were displaced by internal violence.

      He has owned his farm for 5 years and has also greatly benefited from living next to a well established coffee farming family who took him under their wings. The result is a coffee with high acidity, sweetness, and body with hints of fruit and caramel.

      Screen size is 14 to 16 and formally graded as Excelso as are many lots from very high altitudes such as this. High grown lots are concentrated and typically smaller due to the elevation.

      • Country: Colombia
      • Farm: El Cajon
      • Producer: Esteban Durango and Family
      • Region: Narino
      • Municipality: Buesaco Narino
      • Altitude: 2,110 meters
      • Varietal: Caturra, Colombia
      • Process: Washed
      • Harvest Season: September-December

      Cup Characteristics: Aromas of dried apricot and white peach. Mildly tart yet very sweet and syrupy with a lingering fruity finish that holds up as the coffee cools.

      Roasting Notes: This is a durable bean that can withstand roasting past 2nd crack but the more delicate sweetness and acidity are most pronounced when roasted to Full City, terminating the roast prior to any substantial 2nd crack.