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    Colombia La Esperanza Pink Bourbon

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      Colombia La Esperanza Pink Bourbon


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      About Colombia La Esperanza Pink Bourbon

      Finca La Esperanza, nestled in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia, is under the careful stewardship of Carlos Ramón Díaz, a pioneering figure in coffee cultivation. Spanning 5.5 hectares, with 4 hectares devoted solely to coffee cultivation, this farm sits majestically at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Its lush landscape hosts approximately 18,000 coffee trees, showcasing this prized Pink Bourbon but he also grows Caturra, and Castillo varieties. The Bourbon variety is known for its sweetness. It originated centuries ago on an island east of Africa of the same name, but which today is called Reunion.  It then was brought to the Western hemisphere and to many parts of Africa. The trees are particularly tall for coffee.

      Producer Carlos Diaz

      Carlos employs a particular approach to coffee processing, meticulously selecting only ripe cherries. Each batch undergoes the same methodical treatment: depulping followed by 45-50 hours of dry fermentation in traditional tiled tanks. Afterwards, the parchment undergoes a triple washing process before being sun-dried in a greenhouse. This task spans 12 to 15 days, contingent upon weather conditions.

      The journey of Finca La Esperanza began 27 years ago when Carlos and his wife, Luisa, embarked on their coffee venture. Drawing from his experiences working on various coffee farms in southern Huila, Carlos cultivated a deep-rooted passion for the craft and recognized its potential for sustaining his family's future. Together with their three children, who actively participate in the farm's operations and possess their own parcels of land-- Carlos envisions a legacy of coffee production for generations to come.

      Pink Bourbon

      Carlos's Pink Bourbon lots consistently rank among the finest in the region, a testament to his dedication and expertise in coffee cultivation. We hope you enjoy this value selection.

      • Country: Colombia
      • Department: Huila
      • Region: Pitalito
      • Producer:  Carlos Ramon Diaz
      • Elevation: 1,700 meters
      • Variety: Pink Bourbon
      • Processing: Fully washed
      • Drying: On shaded patio

      Cup Characteristics: Sweet, dark chocolate aroma. Flavors of honeydew melon and concord grape. Very sweet coffee. Tannins make for a long, dry finish.

      Roasting Notes: This is a durable bean that can withstand roasting past 2nd crack but the more delicate sweetness and acidity are most pronounced when roasted to Full City, terminating the roast prior to any substantial 2nd crack.