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    Colombia Narino David Gomez microlot

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      Colombia Narino David Gomez microlot


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      About Colombia Narino David Gomez microlot

      Just arrived in mid October in grainpro. This is the first offering we have had from this producer. 

      David Gomez lives with his wife Ilda and 2 sons on a small, 3 hectare farm located in the Buesaco municipality of Narino state in Colombia.  Like other small area coffee farmers he has endured hardships relating to drug cartels and the violence associated with it.  There was a time when growing poppy plants was the only agricultural product he was able to safely sell.  He lost his father to the violence of the drug trade and he says that coffee saved his life and that of his children.

      In part because of the problems cited above and perhaps lack of opportunity, many young people leave the area and head to the cities.  David, who works the farm with his wife, provides a beacon of hope and persistence in not only growing coffee in the highlands of Narino, but trying to produce coffee of top quality such as this lot. This washed coffee was fermented in tanks for 48 hours and after final cleansing, was dried on patios.  As noted in the photo, David also has covered patios where coffee is protected from rain and can dry a bit more slowly.

      Producer David Gomez in drying greenhouse

      • Country: Colombia 
      • Producer: David Gomez
      • Farm: El Trapiche
      • Region: Narino
      • Village: Buesaco
      • Altitude: 2,050 meters (6,725 feet)
      • Varietal: Caturra, Castillo and Colombia
      • Harvest: 2023
      • Processing: Washed. 48 hours fermentation without water, patio dried

      Moisture: ( 10.3%) Density: (0.75g/ml)

      Cup Characteristics Cinnamon sugar, sweet, bright. Smooth silky body. Flavors: cherry, toasted bread and honey.

      Roasting Notes: Due to the high altitude that this coffee is grown at the beans are small and dense. To showcase the flavor profile we recommend pulling before second crack, but the bean is durable enough to withstand a darker roast if desired.