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    Panama Kotowa Las Brujas Geisha Washed

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      Panama Kotowa Las Brujas Geisha Washed


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      About Panama Kotowa Las Brujas Geisha Washed

      New crop arrived September 2017 in vacuum packages. This washed  processed Geisha comes from the Kotowa farm in Panama. Only 9 pounds of this coffee remain for sale!

      The Kotowa farm, in its third generation, has several outstanding plots of land; this particular lot is from a portion of the farm called Las Brujas. We have had the pleasure of visiting Kotowa's farms, their old wetmill and their wonderful home, overlooking the beautiful Boquete mountainside and the Baru Volcano. Ricardo Koyner owns coffee shops too, located throughout Panama City and elsewhere in Panama, so much of Kotowa's production is used at home, reducing exportable quantities. In 2016 Cafe Kotowa was awarded the 3rd edition of the Best Producer Panama Cup which recognizes the producer whose coffees make it to the final round of each category in the Best of Panama competition.

      Arrived packed in Grainpro bags.

      • Farm Name: Caf� Kotowa
      • Coffee Name: Kotowa Las Brujas
      • Crop Year: 2017
      • Variety: Geisha
      • Process: Washed
      • Elevation: 1800 meters
      • Growing Region: Southwestern Boquete
      • Owner: Ricardo Koyner
      • Exporter: Specialty Coffee Association of Panama
      • Mill: Caf� Kotowa

      In 2006, The National Environmental Agency presented Kotowa Coffee as the winner of The Panama National Award for "The Years Environmentally Cleanest Industry". They provide free medical attention for their workers, and for the children they have a nursery with meals and a school program. Kotowa's social programs for the children and families producing this great coffee has earned them recognition from UNICEF nine years in a row.

      Cup Characteristics: Floral notes and Geisha character comes through right at the outset. Orange zest, delicate spice, black tea and chamomile with hints of lemongrass on the finish.

      Roasting Notes: Like most dense, hard bean and delicate coffees, we always suggest keeping it to the lighter roast side, maybe midway between first and second crack. This maximizes nuances, in this case the sweet acidity and floral Geisha notes that further roasting will diminish.