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    Brazil Donas do Cafe Natural

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      Brazil Donas do Cafe Natural


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      About Brazil Donas do Cafe Natural

      Arrived February 2023, the first new crop from Brazil to arrive this season.  It is in grainpro.

      Donas do Cafe or the women of coffee is a program coordinated by SMC Specialty Coffee of promote female leadership in Brazilian coffee culture.  It is an initiative that aims to bring information and training to cooperative members by adding to the professional growth of its members and bringing more and more knowledge about the specialty coffee market.  Primarily, four significant female producers began this project:  Maria Dirceia Mendes, Fabiana Carvalho, Evelyse Silva and Carmen Lucia Chaves de Britto. 

      Developers of the Donas do Cafe program.
      Maria Dirceia Mendes, Fabiana Carvalho, Evelyse Silva and Carmen Lucia Chaves de Britto

      Program Developers:

      Carmen Lucia Chaves de Britto owns The Caxambu Farm and was once president of BSCA - Brazilian Association of Specialty Coffees. Fabiana Carvalho is the creator of The Coffee Sensorium and is Neuroscientist at Unicamp.  Maria Dirceia Mendes and Evelyse Silva are managers of the two companies behnind this initiative.  The project assists female producers by expanding their knowledge through education, marketing and negotiation.


      This first Donas do Cafe lot that we are offering is also the first arrival of the 2023 season.  It combines coffees produced by several female farms including Fazenda Piedade in Campestre - South of Minas at 1,220 meters run by Olga Maria.  Also from Campestre Bianca Correa and her farm Sitio Coqueiral at 1,250 meters, a fifth generation coffee property. Andrea Rangel operates Fazenda Trapia, a 1,440 meter farm in Baependi from the Matiqueira de Minas region. Lastly, Ciomara de Carvalho's Sitio Mae da Providencia at 1,280 meters in Santana de Caldas, also from South of Minas.

      Andrea Rangel - Fazenda Trapia

      Ciomara Carvalho - Sitio Mae de Providencia

        • Farm: Multiple female owned/operated farms
        • Elevation: 1200 - 1450 meters
        • Milling Process: Full Natural
        • Drying Process: Patio Drying
        • Harvest Start Month: July
        • Harvest End Month: August
        • Export Start Month: October
        • Export End Month: January
        Cup Characteristics: Aromas of brown sugar, florals, nuts. Flavors of Baker's Chocolate with a smooth, dry finish. Very mild fruit intensity appropriate for Brazil Naturals. Overall, a clean, sweet cup.

        Roasting Notes: We prefer to stop this coffee before the outset of second crack, in order to preserve citrus/orange notes and brightness. To roast it too dark would mean that many of its subtleties would be lost, but be sure to have a first crack plus at least a full minute of development time and possibly first sounds of second crack.