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    Brazil Das Almas Natural

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      Brazil Das Almas Natural


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      About Brazil Das Almas Natural

      Arrived mid March 2024, new crop, in grainpro liners.

      Fazenda Das Almas, nestled in Cabo Verde, is overseen by the Muniz family who are esteemed as trailblazers in their field. Adriano Muniz now runs the farm, but his father laid the foundation for coffee cultivation on the estate in 1965, imparting invaluable wisdom to his son. Upon assuming leadership, Adriano discerned the pressing need to modernize their operations. Responding to swiftly evolving market dynamics, the farm embarked on a mission to bolster its infrastructure, refine processes, and elevate the quality of its coffee offerings. Demonstrating a profound commitment to environmental and social causes, the Muniz family has dedicated 37% of the farm's acreage to native preservation zones, boasting an extensive network of ecological corridors spanning 7,000 meters and 21 natural springs. Their sustainability endeavors include the installation of a biogas-powered generator in 2017 and the adoption of solar panels in 2023, culminating in the farm achieving self-sufficiency in electricity and making substantial contributions to the local energy grid. Moreover, Das Almas Farm actively engages in philanthropic initiatives on a monthly basis, extending support to schools and daycare centers within the community, particularly focusing on student meals and educational programs.

      Adriano Muniz, producer

      Adriano has allocated a specific tract of land on the farm for the cultivation of novel and diverse coffee varietals, planting 20 trees of each type. Through meticulous post-harvest processing and sensory evaluations, the family identifies varietals best suited to their microclimate, facilitating informed decisions regarding future plantation enhancements. This methodology permits experimentation with post-harvest techniques on a small scale, ensuring optimal outcomes prior to broader implementation.

      Innovation serves as the bedrock of Das Almas' ethos. In 2019, they introduced a rudimentary fermentation process, which evolved in 2020 with the family undertaking courses on diverse fermentation methodologies. Currently, the farm yields red, yellow, and black honey processed coffees utilizing carbonic and semi-carbonic maceration techniques, alongside open-box and suspended bed fermentations, with or without yeast inoculation.

      • Producer: Adriano Muniz and family 
      • Region: Cabo Verde - South of Minas 
      • Varieties: Red and Yellow Catuai
      • Harvest: May - August 
      • Process: Full Natural
      • Hectares: 109 hectares in coffee 
      • Annual Production: 4,000 bags 
      • Altitude: 1150 meters

      Cup Characteristics:  Notable amount of fruit penetration, especially for a Brazil Natural. Tropical fruits, tamarind, dark chocolate, berries and coffee cherry. This is a really sweet cup with pleasant coffee cherry fermentation notes providing several layers of flavor and aromatics.

      Roasting Notes: Complete the roast before the second crack gets too much under way and extend development time between first and second crack to preserve sweet fruity notes.