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    Brazil Sitio Boa Esperanca Natural microlot

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      Brazil Sitio Boa Esperanca Natural microlot


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      About Brazil Sitio Boa Esperanca Natural microlot

      Arrived in July 2023, directly imported. This is a small separated lot from a fairly large farm that we imported directly. We work with the importer whom we have had a multi-decade relationship. He brings smaller, high quality lots to our attention from time to time, and this is one of them.

      Located in Serra da Mantiqueira in the Municipality of Conceiçao de Pedras, Sitio do Engenho has high altitudes of 1,260. The mountainous soil and mild climate allow a uniform and longer maturation of fruits, resulting in a dense bean, and a complex full bodied, sweet cup.

      In 1973, Mr Jose Borges dos Reis, patriarch of the family, started production with approximately 2,000 coffee trees. Now the farm is managed by 3rd generation family member Mr. Jose Mauricio de Souza and has 50,000 trees that produce 800 bags of coffee a year. The farm has come a long way and has all the pre and post harvest infrastructure to produce specialty coffee, and is a model for social and environmental responsibility. Coffee from this farm has won awards:

          2022 - 1st place Mantiqueira Festival
          2022 - 6th place  Coccamig System Specialty coffee competition
          2021 - 5th place Coccamig System Specialty coffee competition
          2020 - 2nd place Specialty Coffee Cupping Senar Minas

      This coffee is a full natural with no introduction of artificial processing. Sitio do Engenho follows a rigorous cleaning and process, separating lots by sugar content. This strict quality control provides microlots with a unique personality, providing high quality coffees with a velvety body, vibrant acidity, slightly citrus, sweetness, with notes of caramel, chocolate, almonds, yellow fruits, citrus and fruity notes.

          Country: Brazil
          Producer: Jose Mauricio de Souza
          Region: Serra da Mantiquiera
          Village: Conceiçao de Pedras
          Altitude: 1260 meters
          Varietal: Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo
          Harvest: July-September
          Processing: Full Natural
          Drying: Sun dried on patios

      The farm's 2022 1st place award

      Cup Characteristics: Aromas of savory spices with fruit and nut undertones. Flavors of milk chocolate, black cherry and wild raspberries. Bright, clean, and a pleasant lingering viscosity.

      Roasting Notes: Complete the roast before the second crack gets too much under way and extend development time between first and second crack to preserve sweet fruity notes.