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    Behmor AB Upgrade Kit

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      Behmor AB Upgrade Kit


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      About Behmor AB Upgrade Kit


      Now with the latest software revision 4.20 (as of mid July 2020).  This Behmor AB Upgrade Kit will enable you to convert your existing Behmor AB to the latest enhancements which will be included in future builds. Roasters incorporating the features included with this upgrade will not be available until at least the second quarter of 2020 and the price of the roaster will increase at that time to reflect the manufacturer's additional cost. The changes added by installation of this kit will provide some additional features and also prepare your roaster for future generations of Behmor roaster builds per the manufacturer.


      New Features After Upgrading with this kit:

      • Faster more powerful processor, improving the refresh rate by 50%. This means less lag time when switching from automatic to manual modes or back, and, faster manual mode changes.
      • Adds a much requested beeper for the unattended safety feature. This feature is for your safety, to make sure you are at the roaster during the final 25% of the roast. With this upgrade the panel will beep when you reach the 75% into the roast mark. As before you will have 30 seconds during which to hit the start button or the roast will end prematurely. Now, instead of just seeing the display blink, you will hear the beeper go off, thus reducing user error and wasted coffee.
      • A second beeper just lets you know when you have 15 seconds remaining to the roast, in case you wish to add more time.
      • Allows for future flexibility. Should Behmor wish to add communication connections, for example bluetooth or USB, the roaster will be equipped to handle such development. Note, there are no such plans at this time but your roaster will be ready.
      • Eliminates ERR 2 which was experienced by some users in P5 manual mode.

      The upgrade kit consists of:

      • A newly configured power board (aka circuit board).
      • Control Board (front panel)

      As noted above this kit will only work with Behmor AB (all black) models only! If you have an older model Behmor such as the 1600 or 1600 Plus, this kit IS NOT for you. A three piece kit will be offered in the near future, including two similar components provided with this kit, plus a new higher speed motor. That particular motor is already part of all Behmor AB models in production to date.

      Installing the power and control boards is a do-it-yourself project. It is a fairly simple and straightforward process if you are at all handy. The only 'special' tool required is long phillips head screwdriver, preferably 8 or more inches. A screwdriver like this is available online should you not have one. Instructions are available from the link at page bottom and will also be included with this Behmor AB Upgrade Kit.

      Do you need to upgrade? The short answer is "no". If you have an existing Behmor AB and happy with it than nothing need be done. If you want to add the beeper now as well as prepare for future roaster changes than this upgrade will be worthwhile.

      Comparison of Behmor Upgrade Kits

        AB Kit
      (This model)
      1600/1600 Plus Kit
      Number of parts
      Which model can this be used with?
      Behmor AB only
      Behmor 1600 or 1600 Plus only
      Control Panel
      Power Board
      50% faster refresh
      Programmable for future upgrades
      16/32 RPM Motor
      No (not needed)
      $ 79.00
      $ 129.00

      The videos below are not explicitly for installation of this particular upgrade. It was made for an earlier upgrade (1600 to 1600 Plus, no longer available nor applicable). The video does show how to open the roaster, removal of all screws, changeout of control panel and reassembly. It does not show how to change the power board which is covered in the instructions.

      Installation videos on Youtube:

      Short version

      Longer, detailed version



      Behmor AB Upgrade instructions from Behmor.

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