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    Guatemala Antigua Finca Santa Clara Honey

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      Guatemala Antigua Finca Santa Clara Honey


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      About Guatemala Antigua Finca Santa Clara Honey

      Arrived September 2015 in grainpro.

      We have offered coffee from Finca Santa Clara in the past and are pleased to have the honey processed version of this popular coffee this year. The coffee has made its way into the final round of the Cup of Excellence five times since the competition started twelve years ago. In 2014 Santa Clara took 5th place and the sizeable auction lot sold for $13.50 at origin. In 2012 they took 6th place selling for $10.10.

      Finca Santa Clara is located on the southern slopes of the Antigua Valley, between 1,600 and 1,830 meters (5,250 and 6,000 feet), and is privileged to have one of the finest volcanic soils to produce specialty coffee. The preservation of its natural condition is a priority for the owners. The plantation is also under a very strict control of shade, allowing the coffee trees to receive the exact amount of sunshine required to produce this fine, exquisite and aromatic coffee. Shade protects the plants from direct sunlight, maintains soil health and provides habitat for birds and insects.

      The farm is managed since 1988 by Ricardo Zelaya, the fourth generation producing coffee in Santa Clara. Mr. Zelaya is a founding member of APCA - Genuine Antigua Coffee Producers Association. The Zelaya family is committed to both quality and sustainability. They own other area farms and each is scrupulously managed beginning with careful selection of varietals to the close supervision of dry and wet mills. As on their farms, the family's mills are also eco-friendly. Water used in the wet processing of the cherries is drained into sedimentation tanks to prevent pollution of the local river systems and the pulp is transformed to humus by worm culture.

      Hand picked fruit is processed and semi-washed in a traditional mill with crystal clear water. This is followed by patiently sun dried for days on patios, this coffee has the highest standards of quality in Antigua. Every step in the mill is monitored constantly to maintain the quality. When the coffee is dried each sample is cupped by two expert cuppers to assure the usual quality of this coffee.

      Cup Characteristics: Very pleasing chewy mouthfeel and flavors of an intense orange chocolate bar. Slightly fruity aroma of cherries, peaches and vanilla with sugar browning. Citric and malic acidity, notably that of green apples.

      Roasting Notes: Hard, dense and durable, this coffee can successfully be roasted across the gamut of darkness levels. To fully appreciate it, go no further that somewhat into second crack, preferably ending the roast sooner to preserve the apple and peach notes.