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    Behmor Construction Details Open the front door and the first thing that greets you is perforated stainless steel. Upon unpacking the roaster and reading the directions fully, you will learn that this is the chaff collector (chaff tray) and it is fabricated of stainless throughout. Coffee roasting normally produces "chaff", which is the silvery paper membrane covering most coffee. All coffee roasters have a chaff collector, as it is important to remove it while roasting. Chaff can not only change a coffee's flavor (and not in a favorable way), it can clog air intakes and become a source of ignition. Behmor has cleverly taken care of this problem with their chaff tray. The tray has a series of vanes or louvers that open when positioned inside the roaster. During roasting, the chaff that comes off the coffee is blown over and behind the louvers, trapping it. By doing so, the chance of chaff ignition is all but eliminated while airflow for the roast itself is improved; air passes through the vanes, but chaff is left behind. A 2-inch paintbrush, provided, is the "broom". This sweeps out any chaff at the end of the roast, and helps keep your roaster clean. Behmor stainless chaff collector front view. Behmor stainless chaff collector front view.