Africa & Arabia

African coffees are complex, varied and truly interesting. Some of the world's finest come from this continent. Kenya coffee can offer great nuance; Ethiopia offers a great range from powerful winey flavors to earthy chocolate. Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and others, especially from eastern Africa, offer the coffee connoisseur wonderful taste experiences.
Coffee 1 lb Price As Low As In Basket Qty  
Burundi Murago Washing Station $6.92  $5.54 None
Ethiopia Hachira N2 Natural $18.80  $16.75 None
Ethiopia Ninety Plus Kemgin $13.97  $12.57 None
Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ" $7.92  $6.70 None
Kenya AA Tambaya microlot $8.74  $7.50 None
Kenya AB Chinga auction lot $7.54  $6.40 None
Kenya AB Gathaiti Auction Lot $7.75  $6.45 None
Rwanda Kigeyo Washing Station Organic $8.30  $6.99 None