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    Protecting your privacy is a top priority. We do not, nor will we, sell your name or email address to any third party. Information collected is strictly used in order to service your account. Here's how we collect, use and protect any personal, business or data information you provide to us via our web site, email, telephone, fax or mail.

    What Information is Collected:
    While visiting our standard web site (noted in your browser address as pages ending in .php or .htm) information is stored in a log file for the purpose of analyzing what pages are accessed, which files are downloaded, and what errors occur. We review which top domain addresses visit our site. This process does not collect any personal information about you.

    When you complete any form on our site, your information is written to a secure file.

    When you shop our online store, a SESSION ID tracks movements and your IP address is stored for authentication and verification reasons only. This is standard in all shopping programs. Your credit card information is stored securely in a different location than your contact information, and is removed from the server when transactions are complete.

    Our online store uses cookies to identify you and your movement through our store. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer, which expires by a certain date. Our cookies do not track your movement throughout the Internet and do not, ever, send us information about you when you are not on our site.

    What We Do With the Information:
    After you shop with us, your name, address, telephone number and email, along with your order are kept on file for reference should you have questions regarding your order. If you register an account with us, which we recommend, we use this information to allow you access to your stored information as well as your order status and order history.

    What You Can Do:
    You have the option to opt-out of any notification altogether, and be removed from most all of our database systems. Though we cannot remove your ordering information, you may request to be removed from other notifications such as promotions we may run.

    If You Have Questions:
    If you have questions about our privacy policy, or have a dispute, please fill out our online comments form; you may also call us at the number shown on our contact page.

    From time to time, we may make changes to this policy. Those changes will be reflected on this page.